30 April 2009

Heading out the door this morning:

Buddys will soon be available at the following amazing locations: Bunger, Kennebunk, Aquaholics, Encinitas Surfboards, Coastal Edge, Sebastian Surf, Surf Syndicate, Funky Planet... and the list goes on, stay tuned...

some freshly recycled Buddy's

Samples packaged and ready to shred (wax)

Things are moving fast inside the endlesswave comand center lately, but outside our doors nature is trying her best to keep pace with us.

29 April 2009

We closed our doors at 4:30 for a quick skate mission over at ft. Wetherill here in sunny Jamestown. Jonny cruised so fast his wheels turned from clear into magma embers... woah

6:47 back to work we go . . .
Display situations . . .

this particualr setup is heading to a Californian countertop, specifically the one within the stronghold that is Encinitas Surfboards ... thanks guys

28 April 2009

tuesday, but feels like friday. the front seat of my truck us LOADED with boxes. Attention waxbuddy passengers, this is your captain speaking... you are now free to move about the country DIING

thanks everyone for keeping us cruising at mach 5
what a week so far. where to start- maybe with the fact that it is 80 degrees and sunny outside today & there are waves on the way tomorrow & the east coast is lighting us up with wax buddy requests... from Maine to Florida. Laurie is loosing her mind sorting out all my individual shipping entries from FedEx, sorry Laurie, but thanks everybuddy.

The company truck is getting a tune up and will be back in action tomorowish. photo evidence to follow once Ron has his keys back...

we're smiling, are you?

27 April 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009 Last Update: 11:32 AM ET

Breaking NEWS

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention find that the new Wax Buddy miraculously cures Swine Flu

go Buddy, or go home.

23 April 2009

Conversation of the day as of 4:22pm

Talking with the guys over at the goods shop

Us: have you heard of our Wax Buddy?
Goods: the green recycled plastic thing?
Us: got us...
Goods: I have one already
Us: really (we hadn't sent them any yet)
Goods: I bought a vintage motorcycle from name ommited to protect the innocent and he gave me a tool box with it. In the bottom was a 'Buddy. I've used it since then- it's rad!

Go figure.


but surely,

we will be everywhere

lock your doors.

Thanks Sam, Resin Reseach down in Florida has love for the Buddy.

Sam & Greg, we are pumped to have some Wax Buddy's in your workshop- keep those mad scientist additives coming, you make everyone's lives easier: we're just glad to finally return the favor. www.resinreseach.net

22 April 2009

Quote of the day, as of 3:06pm:

This thing looks more like some sort of a weapon...

yes. be afraid. very afraid. think: chuck norris of scrapers

21 April 2009

A carton of samples has just headed out to an incredible shaper's hands...

Ryan Lovelace- boardbuilder craftsman extrodinaire of point concept surfboards

The Wax Buddy is now available through Rainbow Distribution

an entire fleet of Buddy's is heading to their warehouse in Florida.

Thank you Carl ! !

20 April 2009

samples are going everywhere, must be monday

Thanks Eric @ Bolinas... your boxes of Buddy's are leaving as I type
got an amazing note today from this surf hero of mine
just waiting for permission from him to post it. stay tuned...

17 April 2009

best email this week...


i have a wax buddy in my hand and i like it. In a strictly non sexual manner. i want a 25 prepack. how do i get this done.



Soledad Surf Co., SC

ok, so the clean logging lines didn't quite materialize, but it was close to 70 degrees . . .

this sand wasn't covered in ice, that's some serious progress for RI

gusty SE winds + 41 degree water

waxbuddy headquarters is pushing the pause button for an hour or so...

clean longboard lines are calling our names, photos to follow
California here we come...

We switched from FedEx to Stork recently, so please allow a few extra days for delivery . . .

15 April 2009

This is where your wax buddy's come from, grown right out in front of our office.

straight from nauture...

or something like that...

Thanks to everyone for keeping me very busy...

Aqua in CA

Austin's in FL

Bare Wires in NJ

Beach House in CA

Blue Sky in FL

Bodega Bay in CA

Cove Surf & Skate in FL

Deep Six in FL

Dive 'n Surf in CA

ET Surfboards in CA

Holden in NC

Hot Wax in NC

and if you haven't done so already, you owe it to yourself to become familar with all of these places... some very good people :) thanks a million from the wax buddy family

Our good friend Marc is out of town and clearly enjoying himself. 

This was waiting in my inbox this morning . . .

14 April 2009

Thanks for the orders this morning...

Mark @ Nor'easter up in mass http://www.noreastersurfshop.com/
Craig @ Spectrum in florida www.spectrumsurfshop.com
Lauren @ Epic in florida www.eastcoastsurfandsport.com
Dave @ Cinnamon Rainbows in new hampshire www.cinnamonrainbows.com

13 April 2009

mug shots

world headquarters
11 howland avenue
jamestown, ri

10 April 2009

Someone's pretty amped on his new fin... big thanks Captain Fin and Mr. Hatzikian
Friday's outbound army of Buddy orders...
coming to a shop near you, just in time for Easter weekend

it's 6:59 on Friday, and this is my current state of affairs

What does a week slammed with orders make my desk look like by late day friday??

format change, assuming no one wants to read individual sale posts

summary: 79 new Buddy accounts this week

yeah.. that would have been alot of entries! Fedex loves us btw.

thanks for all the love
Alex! thanks for the support
Case of Buddy's on their way west to the fine folks at O'Neill
Surf Garage in Honolulu, thanks for the order :) they're on their way today
25 Buddy's going over to Mike at Cape Fear down in NC... thanks!!
100 buddy's heading over to Main Beach in ny
-thanks Rick, you guys rule

09 April 2009

day one... let's get this started already