29 June 2009

2:49 pm monday: the sun comes out,
and the buddy lines up his latest target

Bert's has been with us since day one...

Curtis, thanks for the re-order, they're on their way

Wax Buddy's will soon be available in ALL the Bert's locations

you can't avoid the buddy, even if you wanted to
thanks Zap !


Your case is on its way up north

sorry Robert... but so far here in Rhode Island, it sure doesn't feel like an endless summer, so you've been re-purposed. whammo

26 June 2009

For those of you reading this via coconut computer on a deserted island,

wax buddy's are just a click away

... or down the road from you if you live near Chris and Hernan @ funky planet

4011 Tampa Rd Suite 13
Oldsmar, FL 34677


25 June 2009

Thanks Brian !

Heaps of wax buddies are now available in all three of the Heritage locations


3700 Landis Ave.
Sea Isle City, NJ

744 West Ave.
Ocean City, NJ

9223 Ventnor Ave.
Margate, NJ
the Wax Buddy invasion continues . . .

an amazing journalist from our local newspaper was kind enough to visit us last week :)

thanks a million for your kind words Joan !

we even put on our nicest flops for the photo


not a lot of sunshine lately...

but a fair amount of swell...

at any rate, brian has little use for sun block

24 June 2009

checked our wave camera... no waves

but wait...

"$20 for parking at the beach?? Forget that. I'm parking this tractor in the water"

true story?

weapons of wax destruction

less than deluxe wax changing station... stoneage edition

Wax Buddy's exiting the premises

Today is off to a GREAT start

how do you like the parking job?

22 June 2009

Thanks Bob,

Your new wax Buddy collection is boxed and heading toward the door!


endlesswave & ebert give Picaresque two buddy's up

I highly recommend seeing this film !

another showing tonight at our friends up north:

59 Market Street
Portland, ME 04101

19 June 2009

exceeded our wax buddy quota for the week (once again)!! thanks everyone


our front door is being locked as I type, and our entire office is heading to the beach for some r&d . . .

mikey detemple's movie premier tonight at the montanaro gallary, be there or be square.


18 June 2009

nicole, your Wax Buddy's are on their way to all three of your shops . . .

just in time for the weekend and to enjoy some of your 97* florida weather

check out nicole and her entire entourage @ http://www.liquidsurfandsail.com/

thank you, thank you, thank you

thurday morning printing press

17 June 2009

the endlesswave mobile backyard shipping department . . .

activates automatically on sunny days.

think we get any complains from OSHA ? not in your lifetime haole

today's outbound 'Buddy shipments

our delivery stork is one tuff ol bird

16 June 2009

appreciation letters for a few recent customers . . . you know who you are and THANKS!!


packages heading to Walden Surfboards and Wave Weapons . . . too cool


looong visit to the post office tomorrow

15 June 2009

follow the buddybrick road
Best letter of the week so far... thanks a million for your support and kind words Grace


I picked up several of these bad boys at the Frog House today. I haven't even tried it out yet and I'm stoked to have them!

Once I strip my boards, I'll let you know how I liked the Buddy. I don't doubt I will love it. (I have one that has the sharp comb side directly across from the scraping side, so it hurts my hand every time! Way better design on the Wax Buddy.) ...

Have a great day! - Grace

individual Wax Buddy sales are crazy this week ? ? ! !
apparently everyone's decided it's finally time to uncover the pretty board that's been lurking underneath heaps of winter wax

stepped out the front door of our office, just in time to see today's lunch menu . . .
decision decisions

Wax Buddy
Counter Display: beta version 2.0

10 June 2009

use # 003412345.2


Thanks JP !

Moonkitty is on the team

09 June 2009

Other lapse in time . . .

I promise, there are a ton of great updates coming this week . . . get the popcorn ready now.

Here's a teaser of some of the happenings:

The Wax Buddy will be present at this historic event in a big way.

Thanks Buzz!

03 June 2009

The latest creations of Bo Allen

Bo's an incredible craftsman who lives right here in Jamestown

He has been turning out beautiful boards like this one for many years now . . .

this one has translucent inserts and flawless opaque white tint

02 June 2009

01 June 2009

Another Wax Buddy amigo:

"... just saw your tables and wax scrapers at Christian's (Boardroom)... lookin good"

- Adrian Masse

here's mr. masse drawing out one of his signature lines