17 March 2010

elevate your game

you think I won't.
but I will.
bonus: Al Bundy Sr. modelling on the cover, for the win.

finally . . .

sunshine after 5:00 . . . water temp, up a few degrees . . .

16 March 2010

hanging eight

not 10.
working on it.

15 March 2010

endless rain

here at headquarters, its been raining since friday...

we all commuted to work via rowboat today.

saturated isn't even the word.

last week this 'buddy made 50+ trips out of our basement.

filled to the brim with good 'ol basement dirt.

yes, they were very lightweight.

but by ends week, a new slab of concrete had been poured, and things were shaping up for our 19th century basement.

with the dirt out, new floor poured and cured, painting was next on the list.

"lets just knock that out monday" says the crew on friday afternoon.

woohoo. sounds like a plan.


walking down into the basement this morning, I needed swimmies on each arm.

down under a foot + of water,

theres a nice new sheet of concrete

i swear.

Fossil for the history books-

come 2410 AD, some archeologist is going to be stoked.

the great flood of march continues . . .

on the brightside,

our neighborhood mysto spot is absolutely bombing right now

See you out there!

Buddy's in Brazil

Thanks Christina

H S B community outreach program delivers "Wax Buddy's" to Brazil's kids

Hawaii Surf Breaks community out reach program "Project Body Board" gives back to kids in need around the globe in many different ways. Kids of Pitangueiras Surf Team will receive the 'Luxury" Item to care for their boards.

"Kids in these regions don't have the means or luxury's as kids here in the states", We are blessed by the support that we receive from Surf company's and individual's so we pass it along" said Christina Rainwater.

"What people don't always get is together we can make a difference, We hope to bring a smile on the kids face and a sense of belonging and responsibility to care for their board , self and environment!

The inventor of the "Wax Buddy " is Ron Dimauro of endlesswave. He and his co workers are one of our supporters and I could not do this with out them. Ron's combs are made of Recycled material thus teaching that recycling's good for the environment! Win ,Win, for everyone . . .

12 March 2010

messages that keep me grinning . . . .

these guys are on my hero list . . .

sent a long-range-buddy-package their way . . .


for all our pals across the pond

your 'buddy shopping just got a whole lot easier to do . . .

we're psyched to be distributed by these fine fellows.

extreme horizon distribution

Matt absolutely rules.


God save the buddy

'buddy ambassador Jeremy Jeremy althizer getting things squared up down in the outerbanks

05 March 2010

feeling down?

don't be, it's friday buddy !

just saw this:

logan's photo.

his crew.

getting mental.

inside the Gap headquarters.

for a future tv ad.


logan, you're the man.


thanks buddy

surfy surf shop

JP's been busy

this looks unreal.

As good as the outside's looking, imagine whats going on inside....


oversized mutant 'buddys on the hunt

whats this all about . . . .

old man winter- march is here pal, no more of this on the ground please
come on summer

things that inspire

.... me

growing by the hour.

office is shrinking at the same rate.

get out of town

c ya buddy's

sorry for the lack of interestingness as of late

We've been dashing around frantically, filling orders, building new stuff etc.

winter's got us all stir-crazy here, and I've been doing something about it.

the camera's been buried under mountains of things in the office, and it just re-emerged today. bam. photo time. thanks for bearing with us, and continuing to check this out.

I can make a promise here and now: Some really good stuff is secretly happening behind the scenes here... and if you continue to tune into this channel, your eyes WILL be smiling very shortly.

01 March 2010

My cousin rules

He's been adventuring in Chile for some time now.

I just recieved a message from my aunt letting us all know he's ok!

...Because communications are very difficult right now, he learned much of what he now knows about the earthquake and Tsunami from our 'chat'...

... Most roads are damaged and Tino wants the group to be heading North to pitch in, but they are stuck where they are about 400 miles south of the epicenter. They are still feeling after-shocks, but said that it's not too scary.

In true Tino fashion, he said that he was sleeping outside in a hammock when it happened and that he didn't notice as it probably rocked him into a deeper sleep! That's our son! We did say to each other that we couldn't imagine who we'd rather be with in this situation other than him. And it seems like he is tending quite thoughtfully to the kids and their communication w/ their families. They had to travel the overnight ferry last night and then drive two hours before they were significantly outside damage area w/ communication lines still up....