27 July 2011

Heather Brown - incredible artist/surfer - we are proud to have her in our store

Chris and Heather (with Wade in the middle) - a great team

Inspirational woman surfers

Stephanie Gilmore

Kassia Meador

Belinda Baggs

Layne Beachley

Bethany Hamilton

Crystal Dzigas

Keala Kennelly

The doors are open, come in and see our new T-Shirts

14 July 2011

tonight tonight tonight

tonight we will be unveiling the latest exhibit @ 148 bellevue

every 2nd thursday of the month, our street holds gallery night, so . . .

we just HAD to take part - 

we're kicking things off in grand fashion by displaying several recent works of our good pal :

gordon holden


stop by the store from 6-8pm for some inspiration

02 July 2011