30 April 2010

Wax Buddy + Korduroy.tv

I'd gotten a slight heads up from Dave @ Almond that there might be a little something to do with a 'buddy in an upcoming korduroy surf sufficient vid

But I didnt exactly see this coming . . .

Surf Sufficient- Wax On/Wax Off from http://vimeo.com/apeel on Vimeo.

Thanks Cyrus !!


NY Surf Film Festival + Taylor Steele + Wax Buddy

= we are not worthy !!

Collaboration Wax Buddy's will be scraping the red carpet this monday - may 4th

Huge thanks to




Taylor at the New York Surf Film Festival


Doing what he does best . . .

Ruling .

Mike Black is a hero of mine



Moonkitty says . . .

Be here, or else . . .


Drift Magazine


Joe Conway is the mayor of Wax Buddy Town
Interview skills are beyond top-notch ...

He just netted the world exclusive interview with Taylor Steele

Check it out . . .

26 April 2010

house of endless inspirations

Today we got an ultra-top-secret-exclusive-backstage-pass invite to tour an original jamestown cottage.

this place was the real deal.

on our way out, I spotted this up on a ceiling rafters -

laurie nabbed it with her trusty iphonebuddy-

made out of individual, handshaped, iron letters reads:

"Ain't no hurry an ther aint no wurry an the tides jus roll around"

clearly, for many years, this family's been doing it right.

hero files: Kyle Lightner

best of the best.

hands down.


hero files: Matuse Wetsuits Family

Hey wax buddy!!!

Got the box of combs you sent and they're awesome!

It makes removing wax much, much easier.

Cheers to a great innovative product!

hero files: christian wach

style for ages . . .

Canvas 5'12" from Christian Wach on Vimeo.

Hey Man! So stoked on the wax Buddies! Thst was so rad of you to send those. I'm actually using it right now and thought of you. It really workd great! Thanks!


23 April 2010

Cooperfish buddys

Gene keeps up grinning

Love doing our part to keep Cooperfish creations looking mint

(sidebar- can you spot the other RI connection in this photo?)

Zap Buddy's . . . J A P A N

This shop rules


21 April 2010

High Seas Buddy's . . .

arrrrrrgh ready finally


mikey rules
these were an honor to make

most likely, right now, he is (a) shredding or (b) filming at a mysto spot near you

unidentified flying

green dot saucer stickers

betcha can't say that 3 times

magically delicious...

no, not lucky charms.
whats better than seaweed covered wax buddy's ?

boards and waves expo . . . floridian style

Our pal Andy is momentarily relocated down in Flordia.
side note: getting his PhD . . . no big deal of course ?
Anyways, we sent him a freshly recycled box of buddys last week . . .
And wasting no time at all, he built up a beauty of a sign . . .
Charged into an expo center
Made a dozen people very psyched
You're ruling it Andy. Ruling.

10am pause button . . .

if these goons had their way,

I'd never get any work done . . .

Plucked from the command center here for an unplanned pavement decent . . .

new goods . . .

our backyard shop is coming together rapidly.

heres a sampling of a couple necessary staples already in stock . . .

this cluster already found a new owner . . .

the doors arent even officially open and stuffs dissapearing

wednesday jamestown awesomeness

this is the spot 51.97% of your wax buddys launch from

20 April 2010

our town is blooming . . .

amazingness everywhere . . . .

new products . . .

stealth midnight cruisers
available in the endlesswave shop ! !

hawaii has lots of love for the buddy

box of buddy's to our number one amigo Andy . . .

more on this later . . .

popcorn, zero dollars

Our pals at Grain has some beauties . . .

gene cooper sacred craft edition

blackboards were in full effect

and stringerless versions ???

only gene, mike and eric could pull off such madness