29 September 2010

inspiration : justin x BLVD.

stay golden pony boy . . .

ralph lauren knows where to go for boards when he's in jamestown.
what a day this wednesday has been.
true story.

inspiration :

inspiration: commitment & drive

inspiration : gnarwhales, daggers, tow ins, rolling 10's

inspiration = ryan

out in the shed, where the wild things are...

Latest addition to the shop shelves.
These bad boys are both already spoken for....

Cruise by and check 'em before its too late ....

28 September 2010

Thank you files: Chapter 274528146.1946 Mitch's

Matuse & the crew at Mitch's have a mind blowing selection of boards


Tons of 'buddy's on hand to keep 'em looking sharp for a long time.

Thanks thanks thanks for the continued support

hero files : kegal

27 September 2010