30 June 2010

inspiration :

inspiration: quality peoples

shop supplies

a few more new arrivals perched themselves on our shelves yesterday

boots and gloves chock full 'o subtle innovations.
...We look to shore at the trees and he shows me two trees- and he says, “ EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS ABOUT ALIGNMENT ”. You’ve got to line things up care­fully...

- Doc Paskowitz on wisdom passed from George Downing

On the way in last night, cars are stacked all through the neighborhood. all spots taken... except... the Presidential space, RIGHT in front. we park, and right then a dozen people shuffle out of the water. surfed small perfect reelers with good friends, one paddle takeoffs... untill dark.

Doc & George: you're a pair of wise men

ps. darthvadar swine has an unworldly glide. test drive #3 in the bank

29 June 2010

less blog updates = more surf

a good bit of swell has filled in nicely over the past 2 days now.

logged test drive #2 of my freshly/stealthy restored 1957 pig last night. it goes real good. having slaved hours and hours- all of 'em frigid, this winter and spring getting her ready- it feels mighty good to ride it finally.

Past due shop update from yesterday = Anthony scooped up his buttery-smooth nineplus farmer long. Thanks 'buddy ! Saw him @ the beach later that day, and he was all grinns. mission accomplished.

28 June 2010


wax buddy giveaway

Want a free buddy?

Our friends Brad and his crew @ Surf D Magazine, down undah are hooking you up.


sidebar- in an odd twist of fate, on this same page there happens to be a randomly assigned banner add for the very vessels being jibed at... well at any rate, we like it.

thanks again buddy's !

Thank you files: n i n e p l u s

gigantic thanks are in order to our good pal Richard for the great blurb on his site


24 June 2010


T H I S S A T U R D A Y . . .


Locations to be this Saturday june 24th . . . .

Middletown, Second Beach
Lisa Pritchard
Second beach: Purgatory/Paradise Aves.- at surfer's end near rock.
You may not be able to park without a sticker, but you can access the beach by foot easiest at this location.

Newport, Easton Beach
Lauren DelSignore
We will meet at the Flag pole on the board walk @ 11:00.

Narragansett, The Seawall 35 Ocean Road
Lauren Russo
Meet at the Seawall 35 Ocean Road

Portsmouth, Prudence Island
Judith & Peter Gengler
Ferry leaves from Bristol at 10 AM. It is a 20 minute walk to Sandy Point Light from the ferry. Ferry leaves island at 4 PM. Bring a picnic lunch, travel light. We will gather at the beach by 11 AM. (please note: no public 'facilities' on the island).

Wakefield, East Matunuck State Beach
Carol Tessman
401 783.9763
Route 1 Wakefield, RI Follow signs for getting off.
Go to East Matunuck State Beach-free with RI State Sticker other- wise pay state fee.

Westerly, Misquamicut Beach
Jennifer Skinner
From 95 North exit 92, at end of ramp take right on to route 2 Follow Rte 2 to rte 78 From 95 South Exit 1 Rte 3 to rt 78 At Route 78 to stop light...go through light to airport rd. stop sign take left proceed to 1A or straight through onto Winnapaug till you get to the beach

23 June 2010

Hero Files: Kassia

Hero Files: Mike Black

Our 'Buddy Mike penned a masterpiece in the latest issue of SLIDE

Read it through, you'll be happy you did.

Way to go Mike.


Most of you have read this bit of the blurb on the cards we send along with sample 'Buddys


We do mean every word we write.

therefore, this photo conjures up lots of emotions

none of them are good.
what happens next ? what IS happening now ? what has happened ?
get informed ... 'buddy jeff sent the following links over to us just now


Cam Oden & Almond Surfboards present 14-year-old Andy Nieblas: riding his 9′4 Surf Thump and 5′6 Sandia Fish

Andy Introduction from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.

22 June 2010

what time is it ?

buddy time

get out of town . . .

each of these buddy's are now packaged safely . . .

boxed up, labeled up . . .

and on the doorstep for fedex lift off . . .

safe travels buddy's !

big city in the small foggy town of jamestown

fistfulls of stickers + kids = a mean recipee for signs that say stop . . .

endlesshunger strikes

what happens when your turbo gear burns out in the middle of the day ?

recharge sucka !

blueberries... in season & on sale... m
fields that are stony, french vanilla yogurt... mm
everything is better on a silver spoon... mmm



~40 mins in and the shop is almost empty... thanks buddys!

can't say I expected all your emails !!!

thanks thanks thanks

our shop is all about you

cast us an email, ring our phone, or best yet- stop on by... because :

we've assembled a collection of some of our favorite things from some of our favorite craftsman

all huddled together for our favorite people . . . YOU

buckle up, here's a snapshot of whats currently in stock :

s h o p i s o p e n : ahoy x endlesswave offerings

handmade collaboration trunks = $49

Each pair of trunks are handmade one at a time.
60's fit, classic trim cut
16.5" mid cut outseam
lower back leg pocket
single eyelet offset front tie
anchor labeling

available in waxbuddy green & wax buddy black

s h o p i s o p e n :

rack pads = $ 29
tie down straps = $ 19

if yours are faded and coved in wax
get it together and step it up

s h o p i s o p e n :

endlesswave dry bagger: $29

rubbery sailcloth
cavernous interior

de-funkify your car situation
your passengers will thank you

s h o p i s o p e n : nine plus offerings

3/2 full suits = $319

yamamato throughout
contrast white stitching
pure awesomeness

batwing collar= woohooo

s h o p i s o p e n : nine plus offerings

3mm farmer suits= $199

inspiration= dave's art

Rip Shred Tear Trailer from Madison Dyer on Vimeo.

endlesswave sallutes Dave Hanson and his unreal artwork

go Dave go


vampire wax buddy says, eye vant to scrape vur vax

Hero Files: Manny C. Caro

mindbending stealth vessels
go manny go

inspiration = avth