30 August 2010

hero files: mike black / surf a pig



greg pearson is a stoke miner, and a stoke provider. a wax comb in of itself is some what nominal, perhaps trivial... even a wax comb made from recycled plastic. but, the facts are...you need a wax comb. how many times have you needed to strip the shity wax off your log and searched high and low for a comb? i have done it more times than i care to admit. just recently i used a broken fcs fin i found in the lagoon at sliders for my make shift comb. greg took it upon himself to send me a care package. NICE!!!! i have to say, i will be sharing the stoke to my buddies. nice work greg!

just wanted to do our part, helping to...
get the log reeeeady:

27 August 2010

inspiration :



longboard contests? yawn.

enter: Joel . . .


things are about to get good.

Bringing in the cavalry...
these style cats are enroute to Virginia Beach

photos from MITCH

25 August 2010

endlesswave shop offerings: yamamoto back in stock :)

come get your suits buddy's . . .

go buddy go

endlesswave shop offerings: 10' of bing goodness

this ship is marooned out back

red fin in the morning, sailors take warning...

damn right.
when one of these is in the pack,
it is game over for most everyone else :

authentic heavy white opaque tint over volan.
t-band stringer, tail block, leash loop, proper glass on . . .
shines like new. ridden a handfull of times. no repairs.
priced to set sail.

email for info, or just stop by

inspiration :

I will live in this house one day.
I hope that day is sooner than later.

24 August 2010

un-inspiration :

surf last night.

30mph wind + seaweed + runoff water
got in the car with burning eyes
come on immune system- stay strong


wormy worms

23 August 2010

movie night + friends = good times

inspiration :

first surf

she got it, wave numero uno, up and cruising.
so inspiring to see her all smiles, even while bailing.
my sister rules.

thank you files : jeff

jeff rules.
end of story.

thanks thanks thanks

yes yes yes yes

11.5ft @ 9 seconds from the SE

you know what that means . . .

go now. do it.

19 August 2010


until 4 minutes and 7 seconds ago, i had absolutely no interest in basketball
dunk summer reading. this is the real deal. take notes kids.

18 August 2010

look who showed up to shred

how much shred could a shred truck shred?
I don't know.
but we had to show that shred truck who shreds harder.

waxbuddy for the win of course.

inspiration: hynd

dented mango


darkness buddy

17 August 2010

endlesswave x ahoy x customs for JP buddy

y e a h !

corduroy happenings


16 August 2010

movie night x this friday = free good times

there will be good weather, 2 good films, and waves the next day.

hosted by endlesswave & cityfog

buddy files: monday edition