30 December 2010

headquarters x december thirty two thousand ten

headquarters x december thirty two thousand ten

on my desk

inspiration :

flashback: the good kind

december 30 2009 :
maybe it took the elves a few extra days...
ron didn't mind, this present was worth the wait :

j mell x noosa

inspiration :

j mell x d peterson

50's vs. 60's

inspiration : truckin'

buddy files : steve cleveland

marsha marsha . . .

out in the shed, where the wild things are...

over the summer, we had a beauty of a weber performer in the shed. It was in mint condition, aside from an awful patch of light blue slipcheck on the nose. We kind of dug it, because it was so damn ugly. Its new owner thought ultimately felt the same way. Looks like it inspired someone else to head down the same road, fast forwarding a few decades :

28 December 2010

non breaking news : corduroy boutique xoxo

i'm late in posting this, not in receiving it :
tyler and her crew are first class all the way & turn out design inspiration for ages.

hero files : meghan sepe

fast winds and freezing temps never seem to get in her way . . .
here are some beauties from yesterday :

**pssst- johnny, you jealous at all?  
    yup nope

ew x pr

endlesswave pr invasion is underway ... johnny has landed.
clearly enjoying some non-RI-winter-weather & a heaving swell.

wish the view from my doorway looked .013% as warm as this right now . . .

peter cole

day two: endless winter

...we're digging it. literally.
the beach snow cruiser is getting some winter exercise, and slowly turning road-salt-white.

non-current events . . . but good all the same . . .

27 December 2010

from last week . . .

air temperature = 22*

around town, december twenty seven two thousand ten

around town, december twenty seven two thousand ten

first real snow of the year.
this cruiser's 1 wheel drive puts my 2 wheel drive car to shame.