29 July 2010

oink pt. II

uncovered, new lease on life...

27 July 2010


snagged this last week
waxbuddy called into action- pulled 30 yr old wax off it, no sweat.
snapped these photos to remember what a basket case she was before the revival begins . . .

26 July 2010

hero files:

stylewise : there are have's and have not's:

olsen, with proof its just that damn simple.

23 July 2010

"after treating me so well, my board deserved some tlc. thanks wax buddy!"

hero files: dave allee

19 July 2010


my orchid jungle is charging full speed ahead
at least something's benefiting from the hot humid weather

amigo files: f*** yeah RI

the team truck turns heads and iphone surfaratzi cameras everywhere it goes.
this latest snap is from our pals site . . .


film is better than digital

our swimming pool rules.
a pair of diving boards & heat cranked to 74* . . .

16 July 2010


its 12:38, so you have 22 minutes of your lunch hour left:

spend 10 of 'em right here:

inspiration :

14 July 2010

hero files: meghan sepe

all we can say is : wow.

meghan made my day by cruising by for a visit, and brought some gems.

here's a sampling of what'll soon be on display in the endlesswave shop . yeah !

if you don't already own some of her captures, what're you waiting for ?

hero files: mike black

this site rules our universe...

13 July 2010

inspiration :

mind blowing photo right? wrong.
how do paintings like this happen ?
t a l e n t

inspiration :

hey mr. fedex buddy . . .

... better get back here.

more buddy's exiting this afternoon

thanks to everyone keeping me grinning

inspiration :

9:39 tuesday morning . . . sea u later buddy's


. . . he's our buddy, thats who

Kam is an amazing amigo to us here,

Couple of Dane's photos ... of him doing what he does best, ruling.

12 July 2010

thanks thanks thanks

little wonder that heatwave + great swell + weekend =

lots of monday morning orders . . .

thanks every buddy

wax buddy x korduroy

Cyrus rules our world . . .

i love finding stuff like this . . .


09 July 2010

swell's here

why does Mike rave about these so much ?

i know why.

every surf I get on this thing, I love it more.