27 January 2010

go jeff

our buddy jeff is awesome

this was pulled from 2nd beach during his hard earned spare time this weekend.

and guess what? he even hauled this away himself, because there are ZERO trash cans to be found.

what part of that doesn't make you say hmmmm ?

stay tuned . . .

26 January 2010

the ruler of all. period.

our buddy glenn just posted another amazing interview.

cya winter

its nice and warm out right now, suns shining

as RI's biggest fan of summer, naturally I'm amped.

I put the 'outgoing buddys on the doorstep to tan, before beginning their FedEx adventure

word on the stoop is that they're pysched too.

25 January 2010

Local hellman Neil is out in Maui charging & putting his handshaped creations to the test.

I'm honored to have him using our 'buddys

He sent me this photo today. psyched.

more photos from meghan.

this is a rare aquatic animal.

i've been a stranger to the lineup bigtime lately.

meghan is awesome.
not only an ultra talented surfer... her photography is absolutely top notch.
she snapped these while driving past me.

24 January 2010

regardless if its wax, snow, ice or frost-

your 'buddy has it dialed.

waxbuddy: helping you see on the way to morning coffee since 2008

23 January 2010

swell forecast for today = dead flat

well, you know the typical story, a little hunting always pays off . . .

I pulled up at the spot, (in last place as ussual) to see the rest of our office crew already trimming away. It was sunny, glassy and plenty good enough to make us all forget about 34* water.

laurie, jonny and ron put on a damn clinic. so fun.

endlesswave saturday afternoon logg hauling mission complete.

by the way, if you ever find yourself a fugitive of the law, and are trying to hide in some privets, turning this wetsuit inside out is the right call. now you know.

21 January 2010

get better soon buddy

Mikey is the og waxbuddy. gave us a much needed shove in the very beginning. pretty much got the whole ball of wax rolling for us one summer day not too long ago.

we're all pulling for ya

surf heros

When I think of inspirational board design, my mind goes right to one place . . .

Jeff Mccallum. Builder of the finest craft anywhere. Honored to help maintain such amazing vehicles with our bits of recycled plastic.

Got the following message while working late here last night . . . wowza


Just wanted to say thanks for the combs. They look insane. Gonna clean all my boards of as soon as the rain stops.



Aloha, Wax Buddy

Hawaii has been restocking their 'buddy supply in a very serious way.

Here's todays outbound pile so far . . .

I'm always humbled when I ship off a box to some of these legendary establishments.

Thank you Jeff

Surprise barnes and noble package arrived addressed to the endlesswave team.

This book rules.

So does Jeff.

Thanks so much

Buzz at the legendary Bolinas shop sent us a letter inside this amazing envelope

nicely done.

R I P favorite stop sign

the first endlesswave circle sticker ever created bit the dust the other day.

it was proudly displayed on the sign across the street for several months

public works has decided to carry away the artwork,

(brightside ? . . . afterward they did install a fresh, blank canvas)

Farewell buddy !


Darren's done it again.
11' AHOY missile bag
killer fabric, attention to detail, these things are absolutely positively bombproof
Thanks ! !


show-and-tell episode begins . . . now

18 January 2010

wooohooo waves

its only been a month?

endlesswave logg session scheduled for sunrise tomorrow am

you know the spot.

assemble your crew.

15 January 2010

Best email of the day so far

just a quick excerpt:

. . . Well done! I’m sick of getting stabbed by the serrated edge when
trying to get the wax off my board!

The Australian waxbuddy invasion opens yet another

Thanks Ryan !


Our pal Ryan is an amazing photographer.

ultra mega talent behind the lens

we all feel extremely honored to have him using 'Buddys

These images belong to Ryan

14 January 2010

this photo is 100% copyright to Mr. Tyler Warren


this is also 100% one my favoite photos EVER
Mike at HSS has been a huge supporter of the 'Buddy since day #1

Thanks for including us

HSS Wax Buddy Stockpile

Wax Buddy Wax Comb
Availability: In stock.


There are less than 4 tried and true steps to wax removal which are as

Number 1: Leave board in sun. Don't be one of those guys who
tries to strip cold turkey.

Number 2: Use some sort of scraping
apparatus to strip wax off. This is where the Wax Buddy comes into play. Nice
vertical grip, accompanied by a long, solid, horizontal surface, for smooth

Number 3: Stroke using your pickle and or spud. Or apply a
generous coat of wax remover

Number 4: Wipe clean.

Like I said.
Less than or equal to four steps for wax removal. And don't forget there's a
comb! Productiveness just doubled.

Available in Black or a rust color
labeled Green.

13 January 2010

water always wins

this put so many things in perspective for me right now...
no prisoners.
playing for keeps.

12 January 2010

our buddy Arjan keeps a great blog.

saw that our waxbuddy's lent a hand recently.

netherlands invasion continues . . .


11 January 2010

Ed Buddy



You're amazing.

Here one of his buddy's getting in on the wax art program. So awesome.

Let your creativity do the talking, get a waxbuddy. fair enough right ?

Squaring off against one of these in a fight ?
. . . I'll take on the the frog. nuff said.

tyler is one of my heros

this is one of the many reasons why . . .

10 January 2010

this weekend,

team endlesswave shoveled snow for a dozen or so hours in 20* temps

(luckily just to clear a pond, not our driveways)

in honor of that ...

we're now entering summertime time warp

we want summer baaaack

old man winter your clocks a ticking buddy

wishing it was summer already

09 January 2010

1967 was a good year

Thank you Cooperfish

Gene Cooper is one amazing guy...


January 9th, 2010
By genecooper

My buddy Greg Pearson sent me a box of “WAX BUDDIES” so I started giving them away with every order. They’re getting great reviews from my customers. That’s a well thought out design and you’ve got to love that! http://endlesswave.net

Thanks for the Wax Buddies…..Buddy.


ps. gene's calendar is absolutely top notch. (as if youd expect otherwise!)
If you dont have one already, what exactly are you waiting for?

08 January 2010

ben rules

There's an amazing crew of groms rising up right in our backyard.

Legitimately, a force to be reckoned with.

This pack of kids flow just as smooth through our local rickety skatepark as they do in the sloppy waves always trickling through at the beach.

You name the time, day, conditions and they're out. sending it.

The leader of this army is none other than mr. ben hardy.

home work shop

Cyrus has me so motivated.

Been spending lots of nights building odd toys in my workshop at home.

This longboard is carved from an old oak board from my woodpile.

Quite a few steps from finished, thought you might dig some photos ?

Design inspiration abounds all around my house.

This gem lurks right in the workshop.

simple, functional, timeless. built to last in 1920.

the top secret dock spot in our 'hood continues to be silent

Jonny snapped this at 6 this morning

the a r c t i c - t u n d r a - e n d l e s s w i n t e r continues

07 January 2010

surf heros

Mikey- your new batch is on its way buddy !

check highseasfilms for all your viewing pleasure

surf hero's

days like this one, everything seems worth it.

january seventh two thousnd ten
hands down best day ever

thank you cj. So stoked right now.

The Nelsons are incredible people. end of story

Valla Saltwater Constructs from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

Sage Joske and Valla Surfboards

by Nathan Oldfield / Freefilms

06 January 2010

Big things are brewing inside these modest walls

Springtime is going to be an exciting time on this block