28 May 2009

"Greg, I love the wax scraper it’s an awesome design it is so much better than the ones I have."

-Kevin Kirby, Middletown RI

"Hi Greg, Thanks for the wax comb. I had a chance to use it yesterday and it worked great. I love that it is made from recycled materials."

-Matt Kirby, Middletown RI

Two of the most real-deal watermen around. As do many others in and around newport, I've looked up to these to guys for a looong time. Psyched to have them onboard!
ok... I've been flooded by kind words as of late... so I'm going to keep posting them

Wax Buddy's are literally flying out our doors this week and last... so many of our shops have already moved through their initial orders and are lining up to be re-stocked!! Its not even summer yet.. we are so pumped.

That's also my way of apologizing for not getting these updates up faster. Thanks for being patient, and continuing to check us out here.
Thanks for the note Dave

(hope you're ok with this being posted...)

"The Wax Buddy works great, definitely some more thought put into it than any other wax comb that I've seen. I stripped the wax off my board with it the other day, and it worked super well. It was nearly effortless to do with the extra leverage of the handle. We've got both of them around the shop, and have been using them a bunch."

In case you're perhaps reading this from under a rock or inside a cave, Dave's the man behind Almond Surfboards

Almond Surfboards
367 Old Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA92663

27 May 2009

Thanks ESM !

From the latest issue . . .


•Jamestown, RI, manufacturers Endless Wave Inc. submitted an intriguing new product, dubbed the Wax Buddy. Modeled after a putty knife and intended to scrape wax safely from surfboards, the Wax Buddy is made from recycled plastic and costs a recession-friendly $2.50. Check out Endless Wave on the Internet at www.endlesswave.net, and look for the Wax Buddy in a surf shop near you.

20 May 2009

what an afternoon

get ready fedex...

thanks everyone

thank you MOLLUSK !


19 May 2009

Long Beach Surf Shop in sunny New York is now stocked to the gills (for the moment) with Wax Buddy's . . .

Catch up with Luke and his entire crew at: 70 W Park Ave, Long Beach, New York

Thanks ! !
thanks Danny !

A herd of Buddy's are flocking over to Clairemont Surf Shop

mighty fine . . .

18 May 2009

althought shirts and shoes are optional in our office

a few new prints are going to the press

arrrrrrrhhh . . . .

Thanks Alex... O'NEILL is behind us 100%

another big box of Wax Buddy's are on their way over

thank you thank you thank you thank you

14 May 2009

in all her original glory.

with a fresh bill of health from the state, she's ready to hit the streets once again...

think you're having a bad day.. jump in this thing... if you're not smiling within 0.01234864 seconds, its probably time for a straight jacket

Our good firend Mark got a nice profile not only online, but in this months print issue of twbusiness... we're psyched for you Mark

check him out- http://noreastersurfshop.com/

we're honored to occupy some of his counter with buddy's

sorry for the absence...we are now preparing to re-enter the blogosphere...

06 May 2009

Wednesday May 6 is a big day for endlesswave

we are now greener than ever...

because we've updated our quickbooks software, we no longer need to print any interoffice paper.

it's all digital, and thats swell.

05 May 2009

very first steps towards my mini-simmons this morning

Thanks boardside !
waves this morning . . . 

lots of orders yesterday... you guys are all awesome. 

enjoy !

single serving buddy packages

04 May 2009


we're just psyched to a part of your shop.

Visit to Dave and his entire crew over at
the Laird pro-model

ultra limited edition endlesswave cruisers... peddling through your neighborhood with a hint of style

Hope you all got great waves this weekend... we almost had a the entire office out yesterday morning to hold a (semi) secret spot board meeting. Ron snagged a new board Saturday, and was absolutely dominating.

We have lousy weather here in Jamestown, but our marine forcast shows waves for the forseeable future. yesssss. This morning, outside the doors of 11 Howland found everyone with their favorite logg's nailed to the rack and are ready to bolt out the door at 5:00... after taking care of your Wax Buddy needs of course :)

01 May 2009

Thanks Jill... They're on their way !