30 November 2011

A LITTLE NEWPORT SWELL - November 2011 Some inspirational photos

Some new lines coming in

Sharing a wave - surfers, let us know who you are

Style and grace - let us know who you are?

Duck diving a longboard - very hard to do

In the barrel - Newport style

Detail Shot - who is this surfer, let us know?

MORE PRIVATE LABELS BUDDYS GO OUT THE DOOR this seems to be the trend now a days, the surf shops, surf schools and large surf companies are asking us to create private label WAX BUDDYs for their marketing purposes. A functional business card, what an incredible idea - to give your customer a functional surf tool that reminds them of their company every thing they clean their surfboard. A small investment for a large return. We are stoked to do it.

Hawaii Surf Break - Christina Rainwater's website

O'Neill's newest buddys - they included their address and phone number

Channel Islands new and improved Buddys - Bold and Clean

CHANNEL ISLANDS - surfboards by Al Merrick

22 November 2011

WAX BUDDY - THE HISTORY - started in 2008 - took off in 2009, a very hard yet fun four years - thank you everyone for your continued support, you have made the WAX BUDDY a huge success and we could not have done this without you. THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. Keep watching, there are many new and exciting things to come.

The beginning of a great business

It all started with a passion to create a better WAX COMB
(and some cardboard and model clay)

Ron DiMauro shapes clay to come up with the WAX BUDDY

Several versions, several models before the final one
was chosen by all of you (surfers)

The 1st WAX BUDDY with its competition

Our first counter display (for surf shops)

The original logo - drawn by Ron - the WAX BUDDY man

Mikey DeTemple - the artist in the waves

One day, Mikey DeTemple was cleaning the wax off his surfboard
with a credit cardand Ron walked over and handed him a WAX BUDDY.
He used it and was amazed, he told Ron to market this incredible product
 to surfers and the rest was history - we cannot thank you enough.

Jonny Clancy and Laurie Keene taking orders (Wax Buddy 1)

Ron and Lola (his love of surfing started it all)

ENDLESS WAVE'S MARKETING STRATEGY:  Grass roots approach - Ron and his daugther,
Olivia drove across the country to promote the WAX BUDDY, a full 4 weeks on the road 
of surf adventure and good will and lot of free WAX BUDDYs

The vehicle that made the cross country trip
less one transmission which we lost in Arkansas.

Alot of driving - about 8400 miles and 600 surf shops

Liv enjoying crystal clear waters in Florida

One place we stayed in San Clememete CA,
We did not want to leave (we went back there three nights in a row) and
spent allour money there - but you could blame us????

Ron and Liv out west - no surf shops there so
sightseeing was a must.

The standard wax comb, the first buddy and the final product. 
We asked the surf shops what they liked about the first buddy and
how we could improve on it - they told us, we listened and we totally redsigned the
WAX BUDDY -  See the WAX BUDDY II (far right)

The Endless Wave WAX PRODUCTS  (minus the starfish)


Our new counter display pail  (given to every new surf shop)

The three amigos - all three colors

The wax buddy in action - thanks SURFY SURFY
Peter St. Pierre is our largest supporter and friend

Chillin at the Beach

Thanks for following our success - we could not have done it without you.
A big THANK YOU to every surfer we know.

Pails waiting to go out

We sent samples out to every surf shop prior to them buying the
WAX BUDDY.  The shop owners and workers used them,
fell in love with them and purchased a case for the shop.
Our Marketing strategy - The proof is in the pudding. 

The star of the show

Tons of WAX BUDDYs get delivered to the office

We love the BUDDYs so much that we even
have WAX BUDDYs growing out of our sea grasses

ENDLESS WAVE circle logo gets clever with sayings

High Seas Film was our first private label WAX BUDDY
thanks Mikey DeTemple once again

Some more private label buddys - GO CAPTAIN FIN

Womens Surf Style magazine
A bunch of crazy women surfers from Hawaii

Our first WAX BUDDY shirt design - we love it

Vans and Roxy join the WAX BUDDY family

Christian Surfers and O'Neill


New York Film Festival and Channel Island surfboards


Surf and Adventure and Cooperfish surfboards

Ron Jon Surf Shops and Aussie Island surf shops

Captain Fin and City Fog

Chris Del Moro

Bethany Hamilton


Merri and Ron in Montauk

Ron and CJ Nelson - unbeleivable surfer/human being

Chris Del Moro  Incredible person - in and out of the water.

Merri and Mikey DeTemple in Montauk - slowing down the pace

A Hawaiian surfer - after he cleaned his board

Our Japanese friend and brake dancer  YUSUKE HANAI

A WAX BUDDY friend

Rochelle Ballard and John Peck inspect the BUDDY

A WAX BUDDY friend

Rob Machado

Claire Bevilacqua

Hawaii Surf Contest - a young WAX BUDDY rep
(no, just Christina Rainwater's daughter pushing DA BUDDY)


Christina Rainwater of Hawaii Surf Break.com and her family
one of our biggest fans, she is the best.

Even the FONZ loves the BUDDY

Kassia Meador and Danielle Beck of Roxy

A young fan of the Buddy

Christian Wach, Tyler "pickle" Warren and Alex Knost

Moon kitty purring - many uses of the wax buddy. 
Send us a photo of the WAX BUDDY in use and
we will choose the best one and give you some great free gifts.

A friend of the Buddy

A friend of the Buddy

A friend of the Buddy

A friend of the Buddy - Lady Gaga
(notice the big black buddy she is holding)


A Gudauskas brother - friend of the Buddy

Our best Florida rep - Andy Dutra

A friend of the Buddy

The buddy as a scraper - just before a surf session

Endless Wave's 1969 Ford Pick up - our summer surf mobile

Another use fo the BUDDY

Our first publication in a major surf Magazine - so cool

See the WAX BUDDY in the middle
a much needed tool for every serious surfer

WAX BUDDY success has lead us to our own surf shop

Our new surf shop on Bellevue Avenue in Newport RI


Slater Harnett and Liv DiMauro holding down the fort

A busy day at the shop - one of our artist's gallery nights

Wall of fins (and glasses) at the Endless Wave surf shop

Some beautiful handcrafted logs

Simple Aesthethics - this is what Endless Wave is all about

A beautfiul Woody - at the Grain surfboards event

We are honored to be located on this beautiful Woody

Our front window - clean yet structured


Olivia DiMauro, Mick Fanning and Merri Russo (QUIKSILVER PRO CONTEST)


Liv and Merri at the Quiksilver Pro in New York

The ROXY crew - Daniell Beck at far right


Mick signing Liv's shirt

Sally Fitzgibbons and Lisa Anderson share the BUDDY love.

CJ Hobgood and Liv in New York

Merri, welcome person and liv at the ROXY beach side store.

Leader board at the QUIK PRO EVENT

Patrick Gudauskas and friends


Liv and Arron Cormican (local NY'er)

Laurie Keene, Todd Meleney and Ron DiMauro (the WAX BUDDY Trio)

Our Vineyard Vines Catalog shoot

Captain Buddy


Some WAX BUDDY friends help out stuffing boxes

Our EVOLUTION stickers -the WAX BUDDY is truly the
NEXT GENERATION WAX COMB - the standard from now on


Ron and Laurie chilling at WAX BUDDY HEADQUARTERS

A supporter of the MALIBU SURF CLASSIC for 3 straight years

Our First Review (WAX BUDDY 1)

Todd Meleney  (WAX BUDDY's new manager)
We are very proud to have him on our team, he is in charge
of domestic and international sales.


Todd and Zach at the New York film festival

The WAX BUDDY takes on the world, in four years of hardwork, sweat and tears,
we are proud to show you where the wax buddys have found a second home. 

Look how strong the back of the Buddy is with its structural ribs

Thank you so much for your support, Endless Wave Surf Co will continue to
give you the best eco friendly surf products on the planet. 
Ron DiMauro, Todd Meleney, Laurie Keene, Zachary Hanners
Olivia DiMauro and Slater Harnett