17 May 2016

TAIT WHITELAW - Our Australia Ambassador and Team Rider

Tait is an incredible human being with huge Stoke for the surfing lifestyle and a lot of design talent.
He is a graphic designer as well as a photographer and has hooked up with us to spread the WAX BUDDY love all over Australia.  THANK YOU TAIT for you friendship and excitement in our little BUDDY.   Tait took all of the photos below himself.

Tait cleaning his board






Tait  -  Air





09 May 2016

LAYNE BEACHLEY - Australia, 7 time world champion

Our Friend Kate Le Roux ("Grab A Grom" founder) gave Layne a Wax Buddy a little while ago and she liked it.  Layne is one incredible woman.  She is not only a talented surfer but she is a true genuine steward of the sport with a generous spirit.  She has a kind heart and you can see her passion and love in her eyes.   Here is our thanks to her for enjoying our product.  THANKS LAYNE, you are our idol and a healthy role model for many young grooms and children around the world.   Keep up the great work because you are making a difference.  If you need any more Buddys for free,  e-mail me personally at ron@endlesswave.net     Ron DiMauro   Founder






Layne and her Husband Kirk 




04 May 2016


Part 2 of 2

Here are the rest of them from this last month. They all look great and we know that every time a surfer cleans his/her board, they will think of you.  Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it.

Liquid Dreams Surf Shop  

Equity Prime Mortgage
Our First Mortgage company
a great group of hard workers/surfers

Rainbow Distribution Inc.
One of our Florida Distributors
Our first distributor - thanks Carl & staff 

Santa Barbara Surfing
Our Cali friends

Rhody Surf
Newport RI Surf School
Getting ready for the season

Doctor Surf
Tel Aviv Israel


We are so excited to say that we have had a huge rush for Private Label Wax Buddys.  It seems like every surf shop prefers to have their own logo branded on the WAX BUDDY and we are so stoked about that.  Thank you everyone for making the WAX BUDDY your own functional business card.
Here are a few of our new accounts as well as many re-orders of existing clients.  THANK YOU.

PART 1 OF 2 

HAPPY D from France
great surf shop check them out

Bing Surfboards
Need I say more
They have been with us from the start


Boco Surf and Sail
Love this logo on the
Bottle Opener version
Excellent shop in Boca Raton Fla.

Boneyard Surf Shop
Real cool shop
Edgatown - Martha's Vineyard

Coastal Surf Supplies
One of our Distributors in Delaware
gives them away for you to try out
Thanks guys

Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Co.
In Hampton NH is one of out top sellers
Thanks guys for your constant orders.  

Hi Impact Promotions 
Puerto Rico 

Ding King in Isreal
Surfboard repair

Maine Surfers Union
Portland Maine
A great group of hard core surfers
Thanks charlie

Channel Islands
Costa Rica divisiĆ³n
Thanks Al for supporting us all these years

Sandy Beach Surfing
Florida surf school

Nor Cal Surf Shop Pacifica California

Third Coast Surf Shop
Our friends from the Great Lakes

03 May 2016


Our new reclaimed counter displays and new stickers are being shipped off to surf shops around the USA.  If you need one, please  contact John Adams at wb@waxbuddy.com for a free display with an order of 50 units.  They look incredible and really pays homage to our eco friendly company.

It was a labor of love building them,  Thank you everyone for putting them on your counters, it means a lot to us.  Please send us pictures of your counter displays once you have them.  

New Stickers just came in
E-mail us if you want one


Wooden Display in our wood shop
(actually my garage - smile)  

Displays ready to be labeled 


Boxed and ready to be hand delivered to surf shops
on the EAST COAST 

When you need to reorder, just give us a call
on the back of the display - old school label 


Finished product ready for your surf shop

02 May 2016


Our friend over at Santa Barbara Surfing was the first company to buy the Private Label Bottle opener WAX BUDDY.  Thanks guys/girls for your support.  Santa Barbara California, what an incredible spot to surf and live that relaxed lifestyle.  Keep the stoke alive my friends.