25 January 2012

WAX BUDDYS going places

On their way to France, Australia, Spain, England, Ireland and Italy

WAX BUDDYs in the Netherlands

New Shipment of Galvanized mini beach display pails
Every Surf Shop gets one for their counter. 

Free samples to new International accounts

Boxes of Buddys head west to Califormia and Hawaii

Ron's Research and Development Department - ok just a much needed break last week
Photo taken by Jonathan Clancy

24 January 2012


Marilyn Monroe 

The way life used to be - making cookies with mom

Audrey Hepburn

Jane Russel

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck

Kellogg's orginal box

1950's product design - hip and colorful

A new kind of bicycle

Motocycle - simple and masculine

Space motobike

Suzie's first surf lesson

50's style = clean lined

Retro style, love the pink refrigerator

1950's ad - cool retro style coming back in 2012


Penguins Playing

SUPing with whales - really cool 

Surfing with Dolphins

Sunset peacefulness - after a long hard surf

Nows thats crowded - I have nothing to complain about

Kassia Meador - one of my favorite woman surfers - incredible

Woody Brown - the man that started it all in the US

Sunset meditation

The perfect right - glassy and transparent -WOW

A sunset to end with -  PEACE TO ALL