29 October 2009

Trust me, you have never seen 4 people so amped on packing tape in your whole life.

Wax Buddy shipments keep getting more and more deluxe with each passing week

Its things like this that are only possible when you drink gallons of espresso a day ...

(one of many requirements here at endlesswave headquarters).

how's ya mum?

just fine thanks.

every contest has its share of shredding. thats a given.

but every so often, someone simply just can't contain that shredding to water alone:

for optimum enjoyment of this next segment:

28 October 2009

Here at endlesswave, our Quality Control Department is always hard at work.
I rigorously test and inspect every 'Buddy before it ships out the door.

errrr... something like that....

extended lunch break, busted

Sometimes visitors know us all too well

Glamour Shots

Deb: Okay, hold still right there. Now, just imagine you're weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little seahorses. [Uncle Wax Buddy Rico pictures it and give a gleaming look at the camera]

Deb: [takes the picture] That was the one. I think that's gonna come out really nice.

Uncle Wax Buddy Rico: Ah, how you did it... wow... well I felt really relaxed. Thanks Deb.

Uncle Wax Buddy Rico: You're up Kip.

Kip: Is there some kind of vest that I can wear?

Glamour Shots

26 October 2009

how much time do you think this took?


the real question is

how quick will our Wax Buddy's tear through this ?

stay tuned . . .

23 October 2009

John Peck, cleared for takeoff

This is one of my favorite photos

via master lensman ed lewis

Surfy Surf shop's first customer has already set up shop in line,

I'm counting on being numero dos

Congrat's JP


22 October 2009

Wax Buddy flights now departing from Gate # 8 B

To: Charleston South Carolina
Time 4:17 pm

Point Concept Surfboards

If ryan's boards and photos dont inspire you,

I just don't know what to say. . .

almond flavored noses

'Tis the season

This is from last year, but let's get goolish already . . .

Surf of the Dead from Chad Huff on Vimeo.

Here's our latest location in Japan that is now stocked with Wax Buddys


the international order madness continues

Of late wax buddy has become a serious world traveler

21 October 2009

Thank you Dave & Crew

This box is jamm packed to the corners for all your cold-water-wax scraping needs

Cinnamon Rainbows
Hampton, NH

Nice work Transworld:

Bill supplied the waves,
Ian walsh put on the clinic ,
The Package provided the accomodations,
Wax Buddy ensured everyone's traction,
Transworld snapped the photo's,


Endlesswave Employee Spotlight: Page 1

Introducing our resident intern: Mike

trash bin full of bees? no big deal.

wedge transfer to exit....
back to work.

20 October 2009

Monday october nineteen, two thousand nine...

was a milestone day here at the endlesswave comand center

Over ONE HUNDRED 'buddy orders shipped out

I delivered them to the FedEx shipcenter myself... my truck was ridding low.

SOO psyched you guys are digging these

16 October 2009

Wax Buddy: The Thank You Chronicles

Front and center & counter top displays

Thanks Elemental & Water brother's

Backing us from day # 1

I've been logging some hours in the garage getting a few old tankers seaworthy again . . .

stay tuned, these battleships will be launched soon

Seriously shocked at how many uses I've had for our 'buddys along the way

14 October 2009

outgoing deliveries tuesday

some of these are heading to very tropical destinations...

wishing I was delivering those all the way to their doorsteps and not just to the post office

enjoy !

07 October 2009

Thanks Dan !


There's this guy. He calls himself a Hobo. He's been trying now for 20 years to have the simplest life possible. There's been ups and downs, but now he's pretty much got the Monk thing wired. He is a free man. He does not pursue the accumulation of wealth. He lives in a tiny underground room made of recycled wood. He tends a small garden and uses a push mower, no engine. Deer wander freely though his meadow. Robins hunt and gather worms near his door. And lucky for you, our friendly Hobo has diligently kept an illustrated journal for the past 20 years and publishes them for interested readers. There's tales of cold winters in them and hot summers too. He has traveled far and wide and written and drawn about the many adventures he has had. It's one Big Dream made into a Long Reality. Every few months a new issue is created and mailed out to folks like you around the globe. He says that he will be documenting his life until they scatter his ashes to the wind.... or until he can see the empty page no more. Come aboard and share the wonder, the magic, the all of every thing, on this cruise of a lifetime. -HOBO


Thanks buddy !


45-50 mph winds forecasted today....

at 7:32am the endlesswave jungle is already getting wild

06 October 2009

early monday morning outgoing shipment-

front doorstep temperature, 40 degreesish

inside these boxes, wax buddys were wearing their polartech fleece

flying off to warmer climates

giddyup Buddy

by the time you're reading this, these are closer to you than they were when this photo was taken.

Deep thoughts.

by Buddy Handey

not a bad days work...

if our fedex driver (mike) is reading this, I hope this doesnt make you reconsider tomorrow morning's pickup....

if you're out sick, I'm going to take personal offense...

The buddy's must go through

thanks everyone