29 August 2009

the winds too fast here right now...

but this clip of JJ has me thinking of going anyway...

JJ from Madison Dyer on Vimeo.

its saturday.. I'm back at my desk to get your weekend orders out.. woohooo

thank you thank you thank you

28 August 2009

27 August 2009

thankful thursday

wow, thanks again everyone . . .

all the international orders are incredible . . .

so, I've voted for a satellite office that will bring me away from RI winters . . .

stay tuned, seriously.

but keep scraping

You asked for it . . .

26 August 2009

oh billy....

Sunday's early morning agenda :

Cleared off 11' of wax from a favorite board in 2 minutes 34 seconds....

(probably goes without saying that a Wax Buddy made that possible)

Added a fresh coat of wax...

Peddled an endlesswave beach cruiser down the street...

Snagged a few small lefts at my favorite spot with some good friends....

Can I have some more of that schedule please?


Thanks for the photo documentation Meghan!

25 August 2009

Thanks Arjan !


wax buddy's in the netherlands

Thank you verry much. It felt a bit like "Sinterklaas" (Dutch feast with
presents, just like christmass) when they arrived...

They were all quite blown away by the obvious superiority of the waxbuddy over a normal waxcomb, and the simplicity of the design.

...One of the guys was so eager to try it out, he was going to scrape off a
meticulously crafted, perfectly good, superbumpy waxjob. Pretty weird what a new waxcomb can do to people, haha.

20 August 2009

today was a whilwind

its 5:40 here

and my desk is a warzone

I'll be digging out the trenches tomorrow... see you guys then


Buddy Would Go.

thursday outgoing

thank you everybuddy

fins locked way back, leashes off...
bring it Bill

They're great, much more ergonomicallly correct

-Bruce Jones

Bruce & Brock, more are on their way, thanks for everything


Congratulations Mitch

Captain's Helm
1830 S. Coast Hwy
Oceanside, CA

Grand opening party- Tonight- Thursday August 20th

Be there, arrrrrrrghh

19 August 2009

Ryan designed our website, and has nantucket dialed

If any of you are in need of some creativity, he's the man. plain and simple.

go to this .
quote of the day 3:45 pm

"they sold out instantly"

Capistrano Surf & Sport

Don't worry, there are more heading over RIGHT now :)
<3:02pm> waxbuddyblog became self-aware.


waxbuddy has facebook now. . . .

uh oh

wednesday... outbound

thanks everyone ! !

get with the program...

now is time to clean up that pinned out board thats been hiding in your rafters.

you know the one.

drag it out, use your Buddy to scrape away that circa 2003-ish wax and start stepping up your game now.

some fun days are ahead of us !

giddy up Bill-buddy

17 August 2009

Wallako Surf Shop- FRANCE

Wallako Surf Shop

These folks have it going on


Shortly, they will be stocked with 'buddy's

Thanks for your support amis

Zapstix in NH has a lot of love for the 'Buddy

Re-stocked by tomorrow, they're on their way out the door right now

Thanks a million guys, we're proud to be a part of things


so you have a 'buddy.... here's what you do now....

From the lens of local phenomenon Jason Evans

Jason is a great friend, he has sooo much talent both in and out of the water.
These are a part of a series of portraits that he took last summer. We're on the same wavelength, bright 'n early, with some good strong coffee. Early am sunrise at our favorite spot here in town. Jason's one of those people who can inspire you after hanging with him for .02 seconds. To see some more of his work, navigate over to jason evans photography
The Hobie shops are all on the Buddy program

Stocked at all 5 locations for your scraping pleasure

off to the netherlands !

We are proud to welcome another to the endlesswave family....

Arjan brings the stoke, big time

14 August 2009

13 August 2009

if endlesswave built waterslides, this is exactly what they would look like . . . .

The maginificent Rochelle Ballard

That might be the one of the most amped wax buddy's in history

Check out her new project . . .


Wax Buddy : Zen Edition

I'm completely speechless . . .

Rochelle Ballard & John Peck
Hey Greg ...

they are great !

we are going to give them out to our boys.

thanks again,


welcome to the fog 'buddy

stay tuned, for your wax scraping pleasure

I promise you've never seen fog so nice before...

Thanks Mark & CJ :)

Wax Buddy / Wax Art Movement continues ....

Here is the latest dirty wax art to come through, a sweet little quad fish complete with deck patch. This little guy was up late using his mom's best utensils to shape this bad boy. He was so excited to claim his WAX BUDDY he left his post at the top of the GV stairs, leaving tourists free to walk up with their body boards in peace.


Hand shaped using a skill .100 ??

pocket sized quiver.. don't leave home without one

more info about these amazing creations, or to get/build your own...


too cool.

mini wax buddy coming soon

it might be dark and treacherous outside the endlesswave comand center today

but . . .

inside, things couldn't be brighterrrr
Wax Buddy Chronicles 8.13.2008

We're psyched !

The guys over at Drift magazine have it dialed.

A complete breath of fresh salt air. . .

We feel very lucky to have crossed paths

Joe and Ricky: welcome to the wax buddy army. . .

see you out in the water soon amigo's

12 August 2009

tweet tweet wax buddy

Found this while doing a quick scan of the interweb today:

Someone that I'm guessing Ron must have crossed paths, with pre-surf ? ? ?

If you're somehow reading this, and want a few more buddy's just shoot me an email . . .

Wait, I forgot. Check this out: The Wax Buddy. http://waxbuddy.blogspot.com Great tool. Owner spiffed me one when I gave him my prking spot in Npt from TweetDeck

I was out "on assignment" since last week... thats why this has been slacking

buckle up, here come some updates

possibly best of which includes that . . . Laurie has been working around the clock, carving out a new website. so stay tuned. stay buckled. most importantly, stay buddy'ed.

03 August 2009

Thanks Jason, your latest shipment of Buddy's is on its way down

3 week sell through... wow


these guys rule it