31 December 2009


Mike Black is awesome

In addition to making gems like the newly released "jazz the glass"

He keeps one of our favorite blogs ever: surf a pig

i'm over winter surfing at the moment

...and waiting for a new toasty patagonia suit to arrive.
hoping that gets things back on track.

But for the next few days I'll continue to walk the rock plank at our favorite spot

Opperation: lensmanny continues

time for a proper waxing

finely shaped bumps increase your surability index 13.753 %

ice cream headaches = only item on the menu today

30 December 2009

scotty rules it. plain and simple. video by lightner

Tyler Surfboards X scotty stopnik on the Ridler model from S stopnik on Vimeo.

first surf on a tyler ridler.
kyle lightner filmed this. also amazing as always.

28 December 2009

welcome to the sub 11'er club bossman.
Started off right away with a marathon cruise from the corner to waaaay past the rock. nice. this is all I could get from my perch on the seawall. this is with the zoom allll the way out.

santa buddy decided ron was pretty well behaved this year

test drive numero uno is happening RIGHT NOW

stay tunered

18 December 2009

blast from the past- this was almost a year ago . . .

packaged with care since day #1

17 December 2009

m y c o u s i n r i d e s 7 0 f t w a v e s


Dirty Wax Christmas Tree - by John Cappetta

woah- Ed never ceases to amaze me. his blog is soo rad.

bookmark it now. start getting inspired daily


16 December 2009

8 photos spliced together . . . jamestown sunrise this morning

15 December 2009

Thanks Buddy

Tony your refill shipment is on the way !

Jax beach board shop

11:19am- endlesswave headquarters is running on energy obtained 93.21 % from caffeene

the guys at escential make some mighty fine garb
one of their riders is down undah doing a bit of r&d

Rudolph the red nosed wax buddy

The official holiday color way is out on your favorite shops' counter top


good morning wax buddy friends

this is a great way to start the day

thanks everyone for continuing to pile in your orders

ordinary wax combs are clearly on borrowed time

viva la Buddy !

11 December 2009

We're honored to be a part of what Shawn and his crew are doing . . .

This was on their site . . . wooohoooo


Hey Gang! We have a pretty cool new little product in the shop. :)

About amonth ago I was contacted by a pretty small company, (5 guys) asking me if I would like to participate in the all important evolution of surfwax combs.

We at Surf Ballard take evolution very seriously and immediately jumped onboard. ;)

The tyranny,...which the traditional wax comb has rained over our culture must come to an end! !

Yesterday, our box of arsenal came in the mail.


All jokes aside. The guys over at Endless Wave havebeen great to deal with. The product is legit, and we are happy tocarrying it in the store. :)


all 'buddys are given the full VIP treatment here

no stuffy boxes for storage

just another day at the office for your average 'buddy

freshly recycled ready to scrape and comb their way to happiness

it may be 10* in the wind outside

but we're hanging onto every thread of summer here at endlesswave headquarters

You may have slow children in your neighborhood

But here on our block, we also chase endlesswave bubbles

also happened to capture a long-range-seagull-stealth-bomber in action.

cycle zombicycle

my commute to work today may have been traffic jam & petro free

but for some reason I couldnt get the heat working

actually just regained feeling in my digits


This morning is officially off to a good start.

Attached is a fun one I shot this morning at Swami's

Enjoy the view my friend.



10 December 2009

Gato Gato Gato

Keep an eye out- these are on their way over to you and your crew