25 November 2009

happy thanksgiving from our family to yours

you've all given me tons to be thankfull for this year

see you next week


Tuesday afternoon brought the corduroy


Dave's shop rules it

almond surfboards

what rack straps ?

Tuesday morning brought perfect logging waves.

Laurie's on her way over . . .

Driving over the jamestown bridge . . .

Suddenly, her car is a bit faster, more aerodynamic, hmmmm

The front portion of her Thule rack rips off the roof

Not to worry, there are only 2 other cars right behind her and everyones moving at ~ 65mph

Because endlesswave and all its affiliates are heavily invested in good karma . . .

All 9'6" of her board, boardbag, and thule rack cartwheel right over the bridge railing

200+ feet to the water below

The impact was spectacular

Laurie and the rest of the team here spring into action

The water search and recovery effort begins


Her signature purple fin is spotted 200 yards off shore-

She swims out, gets it, and paddles the whole assembly back into shore

(Side note: boards paddle awesome while in bag, with roof rack attached)

Back on dry land . . . the guily party awaits his trial
no damage to the roof... nice!
This whole adventure proves several things:
Endlesswave has good karma
Single fin log + short car roof = cleared for lift off
Laurie is badass and WILL get her board back no matter what

20 November 2009

t. campbell's latest show in denmark

19 November 2009

Ron's car is in the shop today for some surgery

The guys gave him this sweeeeet loaner

Buddy My Ride

This mod increases gas mileage dramatically

sunrise situation

mother nature: the purple album

sidenote: waves were peeeerfect

from last weekend

or 1969

who knows

while you were snoozing he was sliding

Snuck out for a lunch surf

Laurie put on a clinic

enlisted some neighborhood help

endlesswave is all about giving back to our commmunity:

"do you mind if we pay you in Wax Buddy's ?"

>>" S U R E ! ! ! "

opperating at full capacity

Summer's long gone here in Rhode Island

so red seaweed covered beaches are history for the moment

all was peacefull

until today when the RED 'Buddys finally washed ashore

we spent all morning harvesting this holiday seasons catch

get them while they're fresh . . . not to mention supporting a noble cause

Project RED

Project RED

ultra limited colorway

ultra- good- cause

countertop situation

16 November 2009

spotted this on a window down at the beach



Psyched you like them !
For your daily dose of gears and glide, check out

every one of these photo's belongs to

13 November 2009

friday the 13th is awesome

5:00 am pulled up the pertinent data for the day: 13' @ 13sec on the buoy radar

6:01 am: Checked to see that our favorite misto spot here in town is going off

11:50 am this is my outgoing pile... you guys are rocking us with orders... psyched

11:55 am tide's just right, wind's cooperating a bit more, time to check out

11:56 am quick journey down the road... our spot's now a bit sizier, leashed my new creation of a board for its maiden voyage.

2:30 pm: surfed out, board works good. back to work

5:18 pm: pencils down- my outgoing pile has grown to this mini mountain- thanks everyone!

sorry for the lack of photographic evidence of ocean activities . . .

more chances to come tomorrow and sunday

stay tuned to this wax buddy tv station

Thanks Jerry

Jerry, we're so amped to be a part of your shop!

Glad they arrived safely


11 November 2009

10 November 2009

hmmmm whats this

A package from sticker robot . . .

go-go gadget arm . . .

the robot box opens itself . . .

go-go gadget opposable thumb . . .

robotically delicious !

enhancing a street sign near you

In the wee hours of the morning here at endlesswave headquarters, things are already cranking

Ryan- your army of 'buddys is on its way out the door

Aqua Surf Shops-

Sloat Blvd and Haight Street... San Francisco originals

Visit Ryan and his crew today.

Tell them the buddy sent you

06 November 2009

This is Box # 1 of 2 heading down to our friends at SEACURED in Australia

Russell is awesome. Psyched to have you guys onboard in a BIG way

Lookout Australia: the 'Buddy will be making an appearance by mid-next week.

Hope you're ready

Woo hoooo


These photos to NOT do any justice to the beauty of these boardbags

They arrived last night, I couldnt believe my eyes when I opened the box.
If you havent looked him up... do it RIGHT away

Darren's seriously talented, these bags absolutely drip with craftsmanship

do it. do it.

Thank you SO much Darren

its frosty outside today

digging up some images from winters past

to my california pals...

laugh as you might, I'm trying amped to don the winter yamamoto

02 November 2009

mountain of recycled goodness.
you guys are crushing us with orders this month... thanks!!!