19 August 2011


Working with Kevin at Spirare on new boards

Captain Fin is ordered


Mikey DeTemple shirts are on there way

Our most popular model - the old 1969 beach pick up truck is back again and yes it is comming in dark blue this weekend

More jelly fish tees in cool colors on their way

Critical slide society boardshorts on their way

17 August 2011

THE WORLD IS A GREAT PLACE - everyone can get along

If they can do it, why not humans

Looks can be deceiving - trust in your heart and be open to everything.

Pretty cool - that is all I can say

Just a fun one to end with

16 August 2011



Mama C's beautiful artwork

Jonny, Abby, Merri, Lauire and Slater - gracious ENDLESS WAVE hosts

Zach and Hilary - the king of Stoke and future Endless Wave employee

Todd and Grace - Todd is our new Endless Wave manager

Merri (Vanna White) modeling the raffled off surfboard

Shoping galore - thanks everybody who came and bought our wares

Auction man - Ron at the helm

Dave from the famous EMULSION SCREEN PRINTING wins the board

The night closes with a bang - happy people, friends and good vibes

(Mama C)  Janice Causey - artist and waterwoman

08 August 2011

thursday night!!

please join us thursday night from 6-9 as we celebrate surf and creativity. we will be hosting janice causey's fantastic water paintings. there will be ample opportunity to speak with the artist while munching on h'ouderves and sipping wine. we will also be raffling off a board ...

so don't miss it!

03 August 2011

MIKEY DETEMPLE TRIBUTE: A special thank you needs to go out to Mikey DeTemple for helping Endless Wave owner Ron DiMauro develop the WAX BUDDY - "I could not have done it without you Mikey - thanks my friend." Ron

Mikey doing his thing in Montauk

Mikey with his girlfriend - cool anchor shirt now available at the Endless Wave surf shop

Mikey sould searching and finding heaven


The WAX BUDDY corporation   (only kidding, we are still at our humble place in Jamestown RI) 
The many uses for the Buddy - Moon kitty getting groomed

ENDLESS WAVE (the dad of the wax buddy has grown into a full fledged surf shop)

The WAX BUDDYs - glamour shot