26 February 2015

Kate LeRoux - Founder of GRAB A GROM

Grab a Grom is an Australian surf company that links young talented surfers with businesses looking to sponsor a team rider.  Kate is an incredible visionary, a kindhearted scout, a professional photographer (kateshots.com), a talented surfer, semi-pro soccer athlete, videographer, graphic designer, and talented young business woman.  To us, she is the total package.  

Kates approach to finding the next up and coming surfer is unique to the industry because she goes much deeper into each client she takes on.  She not only looks for talented surfers but searches endlessly to find the soul essence of that person, their true passion and dreams for life.  Then she nurtures those dreams until they become reality.  

“Before Grom's sign up with Grab A Grom, I run a mandatory "Happiness Session" which is a two hour sit down meeting at the family's home with the grom and the parents. It's a relaxed meeting aimed to get to the core of the Grom's heart and to learn what they want out of their life/surfing.  It's a very overwhelming (I would more likely describe it as mind blowing!) and an informative meeting teaching both grom and parents about character, mentoring, promotion, how sponsorship works, branding and most of all what Grab A Grom can do to get them to their dreams!”        Kate LeRoux  founder

Parents loves Grab A Grom because Kate treats their kids with kindness and although she is hard on them and expects them to be their very best, she does it in a nurturing way.  

Large Surf companies love Kate’s surfers because they are extremely talented, well rounded, kind and successfully marketable.  They listen to her recommendations because she is objective and screens here applicants so they do not have too. This saves those companies time and money. 

Kate LeRoux has made a name for herself in the Surf Industry as the WOMAN TO TRUST.   
If you want your child to be sponsored, contact KATE at GRAB A GROM, you will not be disappointed. 
Kate's contact information:
Website: www.grabagrom.com
E-mail:  kate@grabagrom.com
Instagram:  @grabagrom
Facebook: GRAB A GROM

Kate LeRoux

03 February 2015







I had to include this photo, it is snowy and 19 degrees today in New England
(the north east coast of the USA)
and this looks so inviting right about now.




Thanks Kate for this incredible Photo
This is the official WAX BUDDY SURF MOBILE


Thanks Meghan for these incredible photos
of the WAX BUDDY - Spreading the love




Cinnamon Rainbows Surf Shop (N.H.) 
This is one of our best selling surf shops
They cannot keep the WAX BUDDY in stock
Thanks guys, we really appreciate it. 


Grab a Grom - Australia