28 May 2010

27 May 2010

newton says . . .

last night we pulled up to find flawless conditions again.

little lines connected from one mysto peak to the next,

Grinning a bit more after each wave spit us out

everything seemed on point, 1 paddle entries, long paddles back out- always just in time for the next set to darken on the horrizon.

as I took my last one in, pushing it waaay beyond the typical exit spot

it happened

hello rocky shoreline. bye bye pristine volan vehicle with your perfect lap lays.

every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

some laws are more painful to remember than others

go Koko go

green dot stickers are proven to boost above the lip manuverings by 21.9345%

waxbuddy test pilot- koko demonstrates these principals, soaring above his home turf in bali

endlesswave r&d is global.

25 May 2010

endlesswave x A H O Y

collaboration trunks just landed
100% handmade

Rollin Nolan: Stolen

Our pal Nolan from Grain was in town Saturday.

While it wasn't exactly firing, good times were had all around.

Nolan's tour van setup is outstanding. no other way to describe it.

He had his array of vessels setup outside a local shop. we had to go kidnap him & get him in the water.

Three Somalian pirates & ship. pre plunder

Stolen Nolan's gear, Rollin

If Laurie's leash seat belt doesn't save her, the boardbag airbags will

19 May 2010

Welcomes Peter Mel to the waxbuddy army

Peter Mel trusts none other

Check out the opening interview

Welcome to the family buddy!


seeing my friends just using them because they work is amazing. no paid endorsements. just works. period. genuine.

17 May 2010

Hero Files: Manuel C. Caro


A few weeks ago, you said something to me along the lines of:

... having a blast, feel like i got my shred back... can't believe I'd be riding a 5'1...

Well, I believed it then, and I definitely believe it now. Looks so fun. Pretty certain you'd never lost your shred either!

This is the vehicle . . .

Danger! Danger! Danger! from Nicholas Chalmers on Vimeo.

Hero Files: Nelson Family

Inspiration =


In a world of super companies, we are a DIY family owned and operated company, much like the story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; we make our own candy and are willing to share with everyone.

City Fog is not the answer, but we are an answer.

support them

Thanks Mitch & Mason

time to mark up that calendar
don't miss this !

Behind our office . . .

june 4th
7-9:00 pm

free popcorn & good times

we'll be premiering Mitch's stellar film: tales from the black van


ps. my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw this on your blog.
you guys are my heros. totally amazing.

Zapped !


100% Recycled Material.
¡ú¥ì¥Ã¥É¥«¥é¡¼¤Ï¡¢(red) ¤Ï°ìÉô¥¢¥Õ¥ê¥«¤Î¥¨¥¤¥º¤ÈÀ臘¿Íã¤Î°Ù¤Ë´óÉÕ¤µ¤ì¤Þ¤¹¡£

¤´¶½Ì£¤¢¤ê¤Þ¤·¤¿¤é Z A P ¤Þ¤Ç¡£



Greg, Mucho Arigato! ¡¡

14 May 2010

this is going to be a blast

& thanks for the kind words :)



that just happpened.

we knew our 'buddys were the real deal, but we didnt know they were the . . .


Fresh Water Love

You guys have no idea how much I appreciate messages like this:

Used it on my longboard today before I surfed what a huge difference and really roughed up the wax good an faster an easy to handle with the gloves on.
Great job guys love the awesome wax comb. B

-Burton Hathaway, Wisconsin www.nosaltsurf.com

Welcome to the family buddy !

friday woohooo

the skys looking gloomy . . . but once again

we're beaming inside headquarters here @ 11 howland.

clearly, you guys are feeling bright and cheery because its merely 9:40am

& my outgoing pile is already starting to stack to the clouds.


thats a good start to a cloudy day

12 May 2010

close encounters of the knost kind

both these guys are amazing. period.

when genius navigators are at work, everything somehow works out smooth

Hero Files: Taylor Jensen

Best wax comb ever!!! No sore hand!!!!! I think i might clean my whole quiver for once!

psyched !

Thanks Taylor

do this bumble first . . .

Be there !!!

Come join us in welcoming Nolan & Grain Surfboards to 'lil Rhody

Their truck will be in the lot on Saturday May 22nd from 12:00 on . . .

Come by and talk shop, ride some amazing creations, and leave smiling.

See you there Buddies . . .

psyched !

more info also @ http://www.grainsurfboards.com/

11 May 2010

Hero Files : A H O Y

Darren, the ultra mega talented man behind the ahoy curtain . . .

Sent me over this email a second ago-

Just scraped off my 10'4"......wax buddy works like a charm!

psyched !

10 May 2010

4:17 skate break

its rediculously nice out and our waters are oh so still.

time to get those 7plys in motion already . . .

if these don't get you motivated,

I dont know what to tell you really.

Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo.

parting shot-

an amazing photo from a local lensman . . .


C-ya Hasselhoff

There's a new sheriff in town.

Mikey's radness once again captured by . . .


if you read it on the internet, it is always, absolutely true

thanks Cyrus !

Kontroller Collaboration

More from this to come . . .

An absolutely huge gallery exhibit this summer is in the works.

You've now been warned,

And invited :)

City Fog + Wax Buddy = Family


Keeping these fine craft looking tiptop

We're psyched, honored, humbled to be on board.


City Fog + Wax Buddy

CJ & Pops . . .

are pure awesomeness


07 May 2010


this wall has propped up so many of my heros.