21 February 2011

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kam x gato

day two x floored

family files : jp & moonlight crew

I have a hunch moonkitty was responsible for this . . .

thanks buddy's !


do it do it

support our pal kevin . . . 1/3 of the way to his goal . . . do it do it

every bit counts . . .   here's the link :


18 February 2011

step four x day one

with some help from a supremely talented family member, construction is underway . . .

we made some flooring.. and put some serious miles on this router...

step three x day one

get wood.
yes, perv.

step two x day one

blank canvas

step one x day one

our shed out back has had a tin box as a register. well, we've stepped it up a notch or two.

this is all exciting. we will EVEN have reciept paper !!

endlesswave x shop

A new mission control headquarters is underway. Our new setup will incorporate a proper retail front as well. I hope you'll dig it.

As things evolve, I'll keep you posted. You're all welcome to drop by anytime to swing a hammer, drink a coffee, or just get sawdust on your shoes.

17 February 2011

07 February 2011

speechless . . .

sunday funday

it might sound off balance to say this, but...
yesterday we took full advantage of a break in the weather...
meaning it was mid 40's. sun was out, wind was minimal.
jeff snapped these photos as proof that it really happened.

04 February 2011

remembering leroy grannis: 1917 - 2011

more movie clips please

more movie clips please

downside= its cold, lack of swell until tomorrow?
upside= its friday, and this movie below is waiting for you to click play . . .

buddy files: kassia

01 February 2011

woah !

Holy lack of updates batman.

Some B  I  G   things are in the works here.

Hope you will stay tuned and bear with me.

I'm working around the clock . . .  the surprise will be worth the wait . . .  I promise.