29 September 2009

Doug is on the 'Buddy program- Saved tons of frustration this summer thanks to a small piece of green recycled goodness.

Thanks for the support !

Visit Doug and his crew today, you'll be VERY psyched you did.


holy time lag batman

things are well in the endlesswave batcave, and here come some overdue updates

16 September 2009

endlesswave US open time

this is not breaking news. just long overdue.
buddy's were spotted everywhere

HB has lots of love for the Buddy

09 September 2009

Wax Buddy User Manual, Chapter 01 of 01

In the spirit of the back to school season,

Here's a quick exerpt from the thinnest user manual in the history of user manuals...

I PROMISE you that if you hold the 'buddy in the WINNING position, you will be smiling ear to ear.

Your 'buddy will be smiling too, that is how he prefers to be driven. And lets be honest, at the end of the day, a happy 'buddy = clean board.

yeah jimbo...

Ron just got a note from our pal up north:


Thanks for the waxbuddies, I actually gave a few out to some of my surf
cohorts, one of them told me he had tried to steal a wax buddy from the
dashboard of his friend's car he liked it so much but he got busted.

Needless to say he was psyched when I gave him his very own in my shop last night.

Note: If you have a bunch of 30 year old, life long surfers fighting over a wax comb, it must be pretty freaking good.

- Jim


endlesswave cruiser #002 spotted

long hiatus, sorry.

too much action to keep track.

here come some updates