26 February 2010

25 February 2010

big things are brewing on the high seas

you rule it Mikey
something rad is underway

here in the arctic office, we're green with envy-

1/2 our crew left us in the dust- bolting from our endlesswinter

to hang for a bit in 'sunny diego

.... apparently 'buddy quality control testing never rests though

see you guys soon

get in the water

the waters oh so cold but
go get it.
we just snagged a few fun ones- now its your turn
step 1:

wake up at 5 am and do this immediately:

step 2: go into workshop

step 3: hack away at stuff

step 4: step back and take a look at whats happened:

step 5: drive to work

step 6: eyeball a good spot

wammo, officespace improvement index = 91.79 %

19 February 2010

yes yes yes yes !

Wax Man is the reining king of our neighborhood

Dont mess with him or he'll give you a headbutt and you'll need a tetnis shot

You've been warned

For more amazingness, check out Ed's Leucadiaproject, your onboard creativity meter will thank you.

TYLER WARREN ON 4'10.5" from TYLER WARREN on Vimeo.

18 February 2010

thanks Jay !

Slider Magazine features some flat out amazing photography.

Lots from my favorite perspective- out on the shoulder or during the paddle out.

Jay is the creative genius behind the effforts and the man to thank for all this viewing pleasure.

I was psyched to get him and his crew smiling.

cruise on over


one more endless winter workshop creation.

we now resume normally scheduled 'buddy programming

12 February 2010

done woohoooo

11 February 2010

last night I got started on a set of handplanes

born from an old plank of red cedar

a couple layers of watered down paint

not quite to the finish line yet - ready for hardware & to be sealed up

thanks for the inspiration Cyrus

this 'ol girl isnt phased

she's seen a bit of snow since landing here on the island in '69

but it's hard to get psyched for a surf later today when your transportation looks this way

out back & across the arctic tundra,

the endlesswave shop is dogsled access only

endlesswinter chapters 2 & 3

current situation outside the endlesswave command center

right before we left yesterday

its a tell tale sign that somethings off the tracks when your snow shovel garners more attention than your boards ...

10 February 2010

endlesswinter continues

its starting to stick, nooooooooooo
i want summer back already
there's been a new addition to our bloggeringtastical family

hope you dig it


05 February 2010

the madness starts early today

yesssssss !

thanks everyone

one day a ship like this will hold outgoing waxbuddy shipments

untill then, I guess we'll stick to the little FedEx truck

04 February 2010

todays incoming orders



& shipped


thanks buddy's

things are starting to take shape here
* look out *

whoever keeps this blog,

just thought you should know,

we're as amped on your blog as you are with RI

your artwork is top notch

sorry for the edit, I'm keeping it PG for the weee 'buddys already reading this in detention

somewhere over the rainbow . . .

...err, a cinnamon one that is ...

Dave- you and your entire crew are awesome. thanks for all the support

03 February 2010

the buddy stops here

literally. right here. park it.

marching orders

here at headquarters,

having just completed their training on the finer points of annihilating wax . . .

a round of recycled 'buddys are shipping off

here's the pre-packaged standby situation . . .

01 February 2010

buddy meets grammy

at least she got one thing right

Congrats J J

JJ grew up surfing in my backyard, an integral part of the crew I was lucky enough to be a part of.

Since I can remember, he charged (hands-down) harder than anyone, but he was 1/2 the age as the rest of us.

He and his family have been out west- shredding in the mountains for a while now.

Placed in his xgames debut !


cyrus rules

Cyrus filming for "Stoked and Broke" from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

Apparently we're on fire . . .