31 July 2009

Michael Congdon from good old Santa Cruz sent in this photo of his wax buddy post-combing, pre-surf.

Thanks for the support ! Keep the photos coming . . .

Ed, you're always keeping us so psyched !

The Leucadia Project's creativity is truely out of control !

Portrait of Miss Anne's cat Necko. The real Necko was accidentally run through the dryer and survived. She is the most zen cat you will ever meet. Nothing bothers her except the sight of the laundry being done. If you look closely you can see some dryer lent in her ear. Very authentic

Portrait of Miss Anne's rabbit Merlin a.k.a. the Bunny Man. Merlin is a very cool rabbit they rescued.

Here is Miss Anne and Daisy who stopped by to show me her dirty wax art and claim her new WAX BUDDY. Anne did a great job with the wax art. I really liked the use of clam shells, flower peddles and leaves. Very creative Miss Anne.


We never expected our little 'Buddy to be such a pall across the spectrum- humans, dogs, cats, bunnys . . . we're loving it.

Thanks Ed, Anne, Necko, Merlin !


24 July 2009

Ms. Hamilton is on the program . . .

Hi Ron!

First of all THANK YOU . . .

Cheri said that she and Bethany thought it was one of the best designs they've seen for wax scrapers... plus they're cute! Bethany said it works really good. She keeps one in her truck and uses it frequently! . . . they are very grateful and super stoked on the product! A big MAHALO from the whole family !


Becky (Baumgartner) Hamilton

21 July 2009

Thanks Hot Wax !

More 'Buddy's are on their way to your doorstep,

thanks for the continued support!


Nice work Ed ! The crew over at the Leucadia Project never cease to amaze... if you haven't visited them yet, what are you waiting for !? http://www.theleucadiaproject.com/

Here's a photo that Ed added yesterday, with their first wax art winner. Too cool. She looks pretty psyched about threee things... in no particular order: wax flower, clean board, her new 'buddy. keep up the good work.



Monday, July 20, 2009

Shannon and Her Wax Buddy

The guys at Wax Buddy sent me a box of their famous wax combs to give out to people who do our dirty wax art project. Shannon was the first to send one in and scored the first one. Here she is with her new Wax Buddy in hand. Her boyfriend Chris Miller did a great job with the photo shoot. Little does she know that he is going to walk off with that as soon as she sets it down. Enjoy your photo Shannon. You'll never see it again.

17 July 2009

I know how exciting these post have been... I just realized how many photos of brown boxes I've been adding. BORING. thanks for letting me know...

This is a weak attempt to make this a little more exiting to read.

We took a break, and let the phone ring from 2:00 till now... (don't worry I got all your orders, boxed 'em and shipped)

We uncovered a gem hiding underneath the results of 40 years of coastal living

1 jug of car soap,
1 tin of rubbing compound,
1 tin of polishing compound,
2 lbs of wax,
7 towels,
6 servings of elbow greese...

recipe to make a '69 ford shine

thanks everyone for an incredible week.

well ... adios, this kid's off to the beach... hunting some waist high peelers!!

16 July 2009

today has been out of control... seriously

I think I'm going to need another phone line again.

your orders will ALL arrive in time for weekend antics C:

15 July 2009

Earlier this spring, Ron bailed his daughter Olivia out of school and headed west with a pair of boards strapped to the roof. They eventually made it to california, and surfed from malibu to san diego, hitting every spot they could think of. malibu, doheny,t.street, san-o, trestles, swami's, cardiff. and the list goes on... you know the spots, one month later they'd gotten them all. Of course, heaps of wax buddy's were delivered EVERYWHERE. A trip they'll remember forever.

wax has a way of disappearing after a few thousand miles on top of a truck.
quick pre-surf touch up at sanO

shades on, disguising closed eyes while making the odometer spin... ~4,200 miles in at this point

Ron & Liv's view of the San Clemente coast
This was the day I got a message at the office : "...not coming back anytime soon"

olivia enjoying aquarium-clear water

Looking for the legendary wave tank & Rick Kane in Arizona... but no luck

olivia with the truck that took them a bit over 8,600 miles

Quote of the day as of 3:15pm

Robert @ Ventura Surf shop:

" It (WAX BUDDY) looks like a weapon! "

he is a weapon. illegal in 17 countries. hates wax.

Marko & Chris...

Thanks a million for your continued support!

Wave Hog will be re-stocked with Wax Buddy's by tomorrow afternoon


Chris: pocket-wise

You guys are keeping me busy today . . . and its only 2:10

thanks for all the orders . . . 'buddy's going to happy homes

14 July 2009

in our free time here at endlesswave, we also make tables...

customers seem to approve of them, wouldn't you say?

Tony ! Thanks for your support... more 'Buddys are heading your direction

great shop, great people, armfulls of wax buddy's in stock... what more do you need ?


team endlesswave completed a seemily endless paddle on saturday

raising coin for the Aquidneck Land Trust

soo much fun. great weather. great conditions, untill 25knot headwind wind for the last ~15 miles. can't wait for next year.

photo credits- ms. tara malchiodi

A good amount of Wax Buddy's were sent out the front door this morning . . .

Adios (wax) amigo's
Tuesday is off to a good start . . .

Charlie-the-Postman delivers an odd shapped tube postmarked from santa cruz . . . hmmm

Thanks CJ !

Pretty psyched that you like them

Thanks again Mitch... the quality is unbelievable
this suit weighs about the same as ONE winter mitt

10 July 2009

Thanks EVERYONE for another incredible week.

The Aquidneck Island Paddle is 7:00 am tomorrow, hoping I'll be able to type (or at least box up your orders) on monday.

Ron is the best.

His daughter stopped by the office this afternoon. He immediately cancelled everything. Loaded up half a dozen logs. Took her and all her friends out for a quick session.

enough said.
Thanks Encinitas !
your lastest round of Buddy's are on their way

visit Myles and his entire crew...

Friday 3:28 flops are off, feet on desk... the wax buddy is a GREAT boss.

So far, Buddy's are moving at turbo pace: re-orders, new orders, you name it... it's all going out the door today.

Thanks everyone
Thank you Matuse!

Both locations are now stocked to the rafters with 'Buddy's. Mitch's has an astounding collection of beautiful boards from 'Death Daggers down to 'Mini simmons

today's off to a great start... must be friday

09 July 2009

Thanks for the love today . . .

Your buddy's will arrive in time for the weekend masses

Very honored to offer a little fuel for this INCREDIBLE crew:

Ed Lewis and David Gray have it going on, ultra talented folks doing some amazing things.
There is some incredible art happening here, in case you hadn't seen yet.... get comfy-there is soo much material hiding right behind this link- Get ready to be inspired...

About The Leucadia Project:

The Leucadia Project is a site dedicated to the place we love and live.
It's a tribute to the beauty of it's beaches, it's amazingly fun surf, it's unique funk, and the talented people who call it home either in the water or on land.
2:37PM>> 3ft and peeling ? ? ?

2:38PM>> Activate endlesswave evactuation plan

are YOUR priorities this straighted out?

new stickers = upgraded counter display situations

The leaning tower of buddissa

Slow update/post #2... These were hanging outside on tuesday waiting for the Fedex sleigh.
Thanks everyone for making this such a great week so far.
The 'buddy invasion continues.

A little behind schedule on these posts- here's some monday Wax Buddy shipments exiting the headquarters. (don't worry guys, I only forgot to post the photos, not ship them)

If your box is pictured here, you are already enjoying your recycled goodness. and also, this message will self destruct in 2 seconds.....

Great wax comb!

Just stripped my 11 foot CJ model and having that handle design makes all the difference.Wanted to say thanks for sending to CJ. He was home this weekend, first time since Thanksgiving. I gave him your combs and note. He left ONE for me to use. Nice having a son that shares the goodies...

...Anyhow, great idea, great comb. In SC we recycle everything.

Thanks & Aloha from Santa Cruz,

'Pops' Nelson

nose navigator, and now scraping wax with equal style...? CJ Nelson