23 September 2011

VINEYARD VINE PHOTO SHOOT - location: Second Beach (surfers end) - Middletown R.I.

 We all had such a blast doing this photoshoot.  Rachel Stewart (producer), Jessica Wojcicki (stylist), Brian Devito (art director) and Brian Goulart (photographer) were cool, fun and professional to deal with. Vineyard Vines rocks so check them out at http://www.vineyardvines.com/ .  Above - Laurie, Bryan and Brian going over ideas. 

The Endless crew hanging out with Jessica Wojcicki (stylist) and Brain

Last minute adjustments while Rachel Stewart reviews the entire photoshoot.

The star of the photoshoot - The ENDLESS WAVE 1969 Ford pick up truck

The pickup truck got stuck in the sand and the guys gave us a hand (Endlesswaver Jonny Clancy surfing inside the barrel of the blue truck)

Jonny goofing around, this time a hand drag to slow his speed down (or to take a sample of sand back with him)

The final outcome - the spread - The ENDLESS WAVE crew (wax buddy was shy and stayed in the car)

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