20 January 2012

DISASTER AT SEA The Cruise Ship Costa Concordia was shipwrecked off the Tuscan Island of Giglio Italy. It killed at least 11 people and dumped 2,300 tons of fuel oil into the sea. With respect for the incident I found these emotional and powerful images.


  1. Hello Wax Buddy, I'm Italian, I would add that the fuel is still in the ship fortunately. when they'll stop searching for missing, they start to remove fuel. I surf to 100 miles from the crash site, this is my sea, pray for the victims and that does not leave fuel in the sea. thanks and good job Wax Buddy!!

  2. Dear Valerio,
    Thank you for the update and I am so happy the fuel is still in the ship. I will pray for the victims and their families. Thank you for the kind words about the WAX BUDDY. Please e-mail me at ron@endlesseave.net, I would love to talk to you about Italy and surfing. Keep the stoke alive my new friend. Ron DiMauro

  3. Dear Valerio,
    SORRY my e-mail is ron@endlesswave.net A friend just told me that I goofed up.