09 February 2012

WAX BUDDY ETIQUETTE: Several surfers have asked me whats the best way to hold your BUDDY. I designed it so you could hold it in your hand so your arm and palm could do the work, not your fingers. See the images below for the best ways.

Lay the Buddy in your hand

Wrap your fingers around it, place your thumb on the curved section

This is how I hold it - the wax melts off the blade

Side View - You can use your thumb and fingers for pressure

Just push down and foward and the wax rolls off easily.  IT IS REALLY FUN.

One finger on top works well too - this wax was on my board for a year.

Use this method and the wax curls up in front of you - Moonlight glassing method

The WAX BUDDY conquers another board

THE WAX BUDDY TREE - look at all the fun
things you can do with your wax.



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  1. I have to say that is most certainly a SCENTED candle..