03 June 2013

PADDLE BOARDING IN JAMESTOWN RI - Our friends Nicky and Lenny Estrella brought their children and their friends to Jamestown for the day of sunshine, fun and paddle boarding. The kids did incredible for their first time. Thanks for sharing Sunday with us.

Ron and Merri ferry the kids around Potters Cove

Regan getting used to the Paddle

MaKenna's perfect surf stance  -  she is now ready for the surf break 


Lenny feeling the ocean under his feet.  

Merri and Nicky cruising  (with small luggage in tow)

Chris and Chrissy Zollo with Alexis and Jared 

MaKenna and Alexis dancing on the water

Ron with Lucus starting off 

Regan's genuine happiness and wonderful smile says it all

MaKenna doing her own thing

Chris saving the day - The wind took Chrissy out too far
He swam after his wife - very cool

Merri and Nicky playing in the sun

The kids were done, Nicky was ready to take off 
See you guys later  - PEACE OUT

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