26 July 2013

RIP CURL - Padang Padang Cup in Indonesia, the guys at Rip Curl just sent up this picture. It is so cool so we had to share it with all of you. Go get yourself a free WAX BUDDY and bar of wax if you happen to be in Bali this week. Thanks Rip Curl for keeping us in the loop, you guys/girls are the best.

Check out the private label white WAX BUDDYs


  1. Best RipCurl Tees!! Please visit:
    future-seas.blogspot.com to see more of the Padang Padang Cup art by Alex Krastev

  2. Dear Alex,

    Your art work is incredible and your site FUTURE SEAS have it going on. I love your vibe and maybe we should have a custom KRASTEV WAX BUDDY, that would be so cool. Let me know your address and I will send you some free BUDDYs. My e-mail is ron@endlesswave.net By the way, keep an eye out for a post on my blog about you and FUTURE SEAS, I want to tell the world how talented you are. Keep the stoke alive my new Friend.

    Ron DiMauro

    1. Hi Ron, Thanks for the great words mate!!! I accidentally found this just by looking for some Uluwatu photos!! I am stoked you dig the art I do! Thank you!!! I am actually coming back to Bali this coming Monday-Tuesday. Octobre 14th.. Are you based in Bali ? here is my email just incase: alexkrsart@yahoo.fr Let's catch up there if so!!!

      Cheers and thank you!

      Alex Krastev

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