16 October 2013

EASTERN SURF MAGAZINE: We are so stoked to be featured in this magazine. Go check it out on line. Jonathan Clancy was the writer, photography behind this article. He is an incredible writer. go check out his work at www.darkslidesociety.com Also many thanks to the guys at EASTERN SURF MAGAZINE - Allison Arteaga, Keith, Nathan, Nick, and all others. Thanks everyone for sharing our story with the world. You guys rock.

The three of us are responsible for the success of the WAX BUDDY
Todd Meleney, Laurie Keene and Ron DiMauro 

Jonathon Clancy - the star of the written word - friend, surfer, writer, photographer, incredible person.  Go visit his blog (Dark Slide Society) at www.darkslidesociety.com 

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