20 November 2014


Over the last couple of years, you guys have sent us photos of other uses for the WAX BUDDY.
It truly is a multi- function work tool. Thanks for the photos, keep them coming.   Send me more at ron@endlesswave.net   Thanks for the fun ones so far.

Our largest response to date:  candle wax removal
Safe for your dining room table

Scraping the Candle Wax off, does not scratch your table. 

Cheese Grater - who knew?

Bottle Opener

SERIOUS  Construction Tool

Guitar Pick,  no I did not make this up

Beard comb

Goatee Comb,  I do it every morning, really

Ice Scraper - it works incredible

Scraping the Ice off
The WAX BUDDY fits perfectly in your glove compartment

Promotion Item  Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer company
Promoting themselves to the Surf Industry.  

Putty Knife for wood putty and spackle.

Safe Box Cutter.

Anthony Russo sent this one in, he is a fisherman and
needed a splint when he was offshore and this is what he used.

Full use of the WAX BUDDY SPLINT.
Medical device too????

Surfer's Christmas Ornament

only kidding but it looks cool

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