26 January 2016

MIKEY DETEMPLE - I cannot say enough about this gentleman. As Mike Pruett of Eastern Surf Magazine puts it, Classic yet rebellious, stylish but aggressive, competitive yet utterly soulful. That is Mikey.

I owe Mikey a huge thank you for the success of the WAX BUDDY because it was he who told me 8 years ago to follow my dreams and sell my idea to surf shops.   He was in Newport Rhode Island surfing and cleaning his board with a credit card and I handed him my first prototype of the WAX BUDDY and he used it and say WOW, I have surfed all over the world and have not found a better Wax comb/scraper than this one,  where can I get one.  I said, it was just an idea for myself and he told me to patent it and start to sell it to surf shops.  The next day, I asked my Architectural staff if they wanted to start a surf company and they said yes (90% of them surfers) so I called my patent attorney and paid for a mold to be made and the rest is history.

THANK YOU MIKEY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.  You can have as many free WAX BUDDYs as you want my friend.  Contact me anytime at ron@endlesswave.net and I will send them out to you.

Lisa and Mikey









KEEP THE STOKE ALIVE MY FRIEND You are an inspiration to many of us


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  1. Thank you Ron! So awesome to see where this has gone.