09 May 2016

LAYNE BEACHLEY - Australia, 7 time world champion

Our Friend Kate Le Roux ("Grab A Grom" founder) gave Layne a Wax Buddy a little while ago and she liked it.  Layne is one incredible woman.  She is not only a talented surfer but she is a true genuine steward of the sport with a generous spirit.  She has a kind heart and you can see her passion and love in her eyes.   Here is our thanks to her for enjoying our product.  THANKS LAYNE, you are our idol and a healthy role model for many young grooms and children around the world.   Keep up the great work because you are making a difference.  If you need any more Buddys for free,  e-mail me personally at ron@endlesswave.net     Ron DiMauro   Founder






Layne and her Husband Kirk 




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