08 November 2011


Master of all - John Peck really taking it in

Big wave waterman Peter Mel using the BUDDY

Claire Bevilacqua cleaning her board

The proper way to hold your BUDDY

BUDDYs taking a swim - they love the water

BUDDYs safe back in their mini galvanized beach pail

The standard wax comb, the first BUDDY and the improved WAX BUDDY

Kids have all the fun - Christina Rainwater's daughter

A super friend with a flower wax sculpture (after the BUDDY did its job)

THE STAR (cameo appearance)

The BUDDY using its comb to scrape the wax before surfing

Our friends from Hawaii - the WOMENS SURF STYLE MAGAZINE


WAX BUDDY head quarters after 3 years (only kidding we are still at the cottage)

We needed to end with this photo - it is like a sunset shot for surfers

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