30 November 2011

MORE PRIVATE LABELS BUDDYS GO OUT THE DOOR this seems to be the trend now a days, the surf shops, surf schools and large surf companies are asking us to create private label WAX BUDDYs for their marketing purposes. A functional business card, what an incredible idea - to give your customer a functional surf tool that reminds them of their company every thing they clean their surfboard. A small investment for a large return. We are stoked to do it.

Hawaii Surf Break - Christina Rainwater's website

O'Neill's newest buddys - they included their address and phone number

Channel Islands new and improved Buddys - Bold and Clean

CHANNEL ISLANDS - surfboards by Al Merrick


  1. hey, It's luke from Long beach surfshop. The private labels are great! How do i get in on that?

  2. Hey Luke,

    Just give us a call at 401 423 9893 and we will take care of you. Thanks so much for your interest in the BUDDY.