29 December 2011

Incredible Noseriding photos, these are my favorite shots - makes me dream big.

Belinda Baggs - perfect form

Andrea Kabwasa - soul searching

Christian Wach - simply incredible

Belinda Baggs

Ben Considine

Belinda Baggs by Dane Peterson

Jenny Flannigan

Dane Peterson

Daize Shayne

C.J. Nelson

David Nuuhiwa's magical noseride of 1966

Derek McKenna

Joel Tudor

Alex Knost - one of my favorites

Kassia Meador - the queen or noseriding

Mikey DeTemple

Unknown surfer, please tell me who you are?

Rell Sunn - the mother of soul surfing and noseriding

Jenn Smith

Joel Tudor - easy flow

Yuta Sezutsu

Alex Knost

I would like to end with this Grannis photo - incredible


  1. first photo is stunning, a timeless shot. No over the top photo pose, just pure natural style.
    Thanks, there's some gems in this lot.

  2. Dear Jettyholic,

    I agree, the most classic shot is the first one of Belinda Baggs shot by Dane Peterson (an incredible noserider himself) - you could not have painted a better natural style. Thanks for the stoke. Ron

  3. your unknown female surfer is jenny flannigan. she lives in encinitas, ca.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you very much and please send my apologies to Jenny. I think she is fantastic and tell her to send more photos to me at ron@endlesswave.net Thanks again Ron

  5. beautiful photos


  6. kisses for all of you from Portugal