09 December 2011

MORE WEBSITES THAT SELL OUR LITTLE BUDDY - it is so exciting for us to see our little WAX BUDDY on their sites being sold all over the world. THANKS EVERYONE.

Surf Shop from JAPAN

Surf shop from the United Kingdom

Surf shop from Japan

Surf shop from Leucadia California USA

Surf Shop from WALES

Website from the UK

Surf Shop from Japan

Surf Shop from Spain

Surf Shop from Japan (Enoshi's shop)

Website from the UK


Surf Shop from Encinitas California

Surf Distributor from New Zealand

Surf Shop from New Zealand


Surf Shop in JAPAN

Surf Shop from the United Kingdom

Surf shop in the UK

Website from ther UK and USA

Website from Seattle Washington

Surf Shop from England

Surf Shop from Shirley NY

Website from Rhode Island

Surf shop from Ireland

Website from the UK

Blog from California (Chase Miller)

Website from Sydney Australia  (Bradley Hook)

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