02 November 2012

DONALD TAKAYAMA (1944-2012) Legendary Hawaiian surfer/shaper passed away on Oct. 22 at age 68. He started shaping surfboards at age 7, yes 7 yrs old - a true child prodigy. His love for surfing and its lifestyle affected everyone he met. He worked for Velzy-Jacobs in the States(California), shaped boards for Mickey Dora and Lance Carson before he debuted his Donald Takayama model in 1965. He then moved to Bing surfboards and shaped the first David Nuuhiwa Noserider. In the 70's Donald founded Hawaiian Pro Designs. In 1991, Donald Takayama was inducted into the INTERNATIONAL SURFING HALL OF FAME. God bless you Donald, you will be forever missed.
















Our thoughts and prayers go to
your wife Sydney Diane Takayama
and your three daughters.  


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