06 November 2012

KAMERON BROWN - WAX BUDDY TESTIMONIAL - Incredible surfer/noserider Kameron Brown said this recently about the WAX BUDDY. Thanks for the none solicited testimonial. It is so cool to see these happy reviews when I find them on my own.

I know there comes a time when you feel you need to change
your wax.  There is no proper way of extracting wax, or any rule book,
to get that old black sticky wax off your boards.   My tools consists of acetone, towels, and
abundance of sun, and last but not least a "wax buddy" .  It's the perfect surf comb
morphed with every possible tool to get your stick fresh and ready to shred. 

                                                                                            Kameron Brown





In need of some loving (and scraping) - Wax Buddy resting on board


Kameron (and WAX BUDDY) in action



Thanks Kameron - you inspire us.

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