07 October 2011

ENDLESS WAVE SURF SHOP - come on in and check us out.

A Jason Evans photo fits perfectly behind the endlesswave surf sign

Your first welcome, come on in - our famous wave table in front

Endless wave sign, tin roof and exposed rafter tails - elegant cottage style

Slater and Olivia maning the store

Reclaimed industrial counter and eco friendly materials

Critical slide Socirty board shorts, EW hoodies and Nineplus wetsuits

An old potting shed reclaimed: Heather Brown & Christina Rainwater's art

Liv searching through the racks, many colors, many styles.

Our famous WALL OF FINS - courtesy of Captain Fin Co.

RAEN sunglass wall - backdrop: recycled bench fencing

Endless wave custom, Kook box and Austin (owners board)

Spirare Surfboards:  shapred by  Kevin Cunningham

Dressing room - marine rope hooks & recycled Army cloth for the door

The home of the WAX BUDDY - and favorite wax's & organic leashs
Looking back towards the front door

Thanks for visiting our shop - come again dear friends

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