07 October 2011

A SURFY SURFY TRIBUTE: Moonlight Glassing, a cool company started by four guys - Peter St. Pierre (amazing airbrusher and pin liner), Gary Stuber (master laminator), Mark Donnellon (glosser and unbelievable polisher) and Kenny Mann (incredible sander) We think you guys rock and your support for the WAX BUDDY has not gone unnoticed (especially you Peter) we cannot thank you enough. Check their blog out at http://www.surfysurfy.net Also read this article about them: www.allaboutsurf.com/articles/moonlight

New T-shirts - check them out

The Shop in Leucadia California

Welcome smiles at the shop

Busy night at the shop

Sandra checking out a potential board

Cool graphic,  Can I buy it on a T-shirt guys?

Summer, the shop's manager

Jared, cleaning one of the boards with DA BUDDY

Thanks guys for the support and vote of confidence
We love this photo, we use it in our marketing, thanks hand model
Moon kitty getting the attention and love it derserves

A snapshot of images - check out the huge wax ball

http://www.surfysurfy.net    keep up the great work

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