24 October 2011

GORDON HOLDEN - another great art event at the surf shop - good beer, great friends, incredible art. check this guy out at gordonholden.com

The artist himself - GORDON HOLDEN

Front window display

Starbucks Art

More fun art work

Merri, Slater, Olivia and Ron

Really cool skateboards, handmade and fun

LOVE IT - Consume Cool (check out the girl in the mirror -wasn't planned)

Zach with his parents - a very cool group

Todd & Zach, The two musketeers of ENDLESS WAVE

Other local artists sharing ideas

No knife - no problem, WAX BUDDY to the rescue

Some RAEN sunglass fans - very stylish, very cool

Our friends (Alex and Ani crew) came to support the event (and Zach)

Standing room only once again - these events rock - much love to all

Say goodnight John Boy - GOOD NIGHT PA

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