14 October 2011

THE WAVE TABLE: This surfboard coffee table started the dream of ENDLESS WAVE 6 years ago. A residential Architect named Ron DiMauro needed a coffee table for his new Architectural firm and out of his love for surfing, he designed a table in which the surfboard seemed to float above its base. He built one, clients started ordering them for their new cottages and then he was published and it was "game on". A look back at some of the articles and press we received along the way. A huge Thanks goes out to Laurie, Greg, Tyler, John, Jonny, Sarah, Susan, Mike, Gerry, Olivia, Slater, Zach, Todd, and Merri for all of their support, help and encouragement along the way. WE MADE IT GUYS. Now we have a surf shop, and we sell WAX BUDDYs all over the world - we could not be happier. (P.S. for everyone who has been following this blog - a huge HUG for you as well - we would not be where we are without you.)

The original wave table still sits in Ron's Architectural office

Ron DiMauro - founder of Endless wave/waxbuddy/wave table


Tyler Zagryn building the first wave base

Our first publication: Coastal Living Magazine, we were excited but not ready

Some cool publicity


More Publicity

Good Housekeeping and CBS television published the table as the next hip eco friendly coffee table

Sitting where it actually belongs - next to the sea

Snuggling up in thr sea grasses

Two options for table tops - white sanded finish, mahogany wood (gloss finish)

Our office with a new wood top table

Some custom colors for bases.

The Architectural Digest show - we were selected among the best new designers

Arch Digest show wall - The logo was our original - now it is the circle.

Bases being delivered to our shop - ready to be painted.

Ron and Laurie transporting bases to the paint shop (for a final coat)

Finally to end with - a truly happy customer - the smile says it all

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